I Just Needed to Pee….

Have you ever woken up an hour or two before you need to with the need to go to the bathroom just to discover returning to sleep is not a possibly? I awoke at 4am to one of those situations today.
I go to the bathroom and notice the grime in the bottom of the tub….one of the boys didn’t rinse it out last night before going to bed.
I proceed to wash my hands after I’m finished thinking “its the weekend, I can clean it when I get up”. I look down and see the globs of toothpaste in the sink basin and think “uggh, my seven year old made more than one attempt to hit his toothbrush last night…I’ll clean it when I do the tub”.
Padding out to the kitchen for a glass of water I get something from the floor stuck to my foot…I just washed this floor before supper yesterday!
I put my hand out to rest on the counter while I try to get my foot clean. Nowhere to put my hand. “Where the heck did all these dishes come from?”
Still, I head back to bed, my body telling me I need those last couple of hours. I lay down and my ‘list’ from my bathroom trip automatically starts rolling through my mind. I roll over, hoping to turn my back on it for now, but it continues.
After about 10 minutes it’s clear I will not be finding sleep again. I groan as I haul myself out of bed to take care of the list.
I find myself sitting down about 20 minutes before the kids will be rolling out of bed, tired but no hope for sleep now.
The bathroom is clean, the floors are done again (why stop with just the
kitchen?), dishes are done and all the laundry that is not in the boy’s bedroom is gathered up. Now what to do with the day? Maybe we’ll go to the movies….

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere! Jules

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