Some people just make our lives feel a lot more awesome!

I am surrounded with awesome people everyday. Tons of people fall into this category, each in their own ways. Whether it’s a coworker, boss, family member, friend, any of my kids, or even a random person I’ve never met before. I’d like to tell you about my school life top 5 awesome people.
My principal. This woman puts the pal in principal! She knows more than 90% of the kids in our school by name. She can ask any given student how their mother/father/grandparent/sibling is doing after that thing that happened last week. Her morning announcements are a highlight of the day….and only last night, laying in bed did I figure out why.
Anyone ever watched Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam? (
THAT is how our school starts the day “Goooood morning (insert school name)! It is (weather conditions) outside but it is exciting in here!….” school announcements follow…exciting stuff first, everyday stuff last. She has such an upbeat and positive personality that you can’t help but like her. Most kids fear their principal, ours fear disappointing her.
Our administrative assistant. Now, you know I absolutely love our principal, but if you REALLY want to know what’s happening in the school at any given moment, this is the woman to see. She can tell you who is sick, who is causing problems, who is having problems, who had what happen at home last night or on the way to school this morning…she CAN, but she won’t (extra points!). This woman can tell you which class is where with who to help & supervise them, who is visiting the school and for what reason right now, the before school and lunchtime intermural schedule, which staff and teachers are sick or in PD for the day and who is covering for them and what is going on for special events of the day/week/month. This woman is information central and has it all memorized! She even knows all the kids by name and most of the previous students for the last decade.
Our own Professor McGonagall ( Now, I’m not talking about the vice-principal (though he is pretty awesome himself)…I’m talking about that one teacher who looks extremely stern. She can control her class (or any class for that matter) with just a look, organize anything, get together workgroups of students for anything that needs to be done, hand out extra responsibilities as if they’re privileges and put the fear of (insert preferred deity here) into every student in the school….oh yeah, she is also the sweetest, kindest, fairest person you’ll ever meet.
The grade primary excel/lunch monitor. This is another information center. Who had what mittens this morning, what kind of mood they started their day in, why their left boot is on the other side of the school and who the best helpers of the day will be. She is always there and always doing 4 things at once. She is gifted with an unreal amount of patience that allows her to deal with up to 75 primary students at once.
My kids. I know this isn’t one person, but they have to be in here. No matter what kind of day I am having (even if it’s because of some of them) there are always the ones who can turn it around. (See An action, word, comment or smile is all it takes to give my day a 180 or to keep it going on a positive track. Thank you to all my daily smile makers!

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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2 Responses to Some people just make our lives feel a lot more awesome!

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    LOL, I think I have my own Mcgonagall as well.

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