What Snow?

With 5-15 cm in the forecast for Nova Scotia overnight tonight and into tomorrow, people are talking about the weather everywhere I look. Everyone is complaining: “I’m sick of snow””I can’t wait for winter to be over””Haven’t we had enough of the cold weather by now?”
Frankly, I don’t get it. I am very disappointed in the snow this year. We’ve had 2 good size snowfalls and no snowfalls have lasted more than 24 hours. In the HRM there has only been one day where school was cancelled for snow-related reasons.
I LIKE playing in the snow! It’s great physical activity and super fun. It’s a chance for grownups to act like kids and kids to just let loose. People can act silly for no reason at all and it doesn’t matter ’cause hey, don’t we look even sillier just standing around in our snowsuits?
Yes, I own my own snowsuit. Yes, I dive into the snow with my kids. No, I don’t care that this makes me look immature or silly. Yes, I act immature AND silly. And OMG, YES, I have fun doing it!
So, popular comment #1: “I’m sick of snow” We haven’t really gotten snow! I remember when I was a kid, I was able to wade in the snow. It was past my knees! We could build tunnels and sculptures! Forts and snowball fights on the cul-de-sac. White as far as you could see. More than 1 day at a time of snow days because there was too much snow to clear in 24 hours. Weeks where sledding was possible every day. We haven’t gotten enough snow to be sick of it this year!
Comment #2: “I can’t wait for winter to be over” Usually in March this would be a valid point…if we HAD a winter. Winter doesn’t really start for me until that first really big snowfall that potentially shuts down the city. We have had days at a time when the ground is soft and the closest we’ve gotten to a snowfall is a full day of rain. I’m not sure what people are waiting for to end :S
Popular comment #3: “Haven’t we had enough of this cold weather by now?” We live in Canada people! -4 to +6 is NOT cold. We have gone 4-5 days at a time when the temperature has not dropped below zero! Remember when frostbite was a real concern? When there was that one kid a week who got their tongue stuck to the metal pole in the schoolyard? -15 is cold, -20 is really cold, -25 is freezing! -(single digits) are warm in Dec/Jan/Feb. We haven’t gotten cold weather yet. Put on a sweater and a hat, Nova Scotian winters were never meant to be faced with a T-shirt under your unzipped jacket.
I can’t wait for my winter to start. Honestly, I hope it hits before the end of this year’s season, maybe than there will be something to these weather complaints.

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere! Jules

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