Morning Smiles

In our house, we always try to start the day with a smile. This is often done through jokes, ones we made up or ones that have been recently heard or “dream” stories.
Two of the common “make them smile” wake ups that I use are variations of “Gooood morning Vietnam” (into “gooood morning troublemakers” or something like that) and “bonne matin á toi” (to the tune of “happy birthday to you”….yes, we speak some French at home). Today was bonne matin á toi, combined with “it’s the last day of school before March break!”
The kids woke up in a great mood. We were doing a special breakfast program menu due to the upcoming week off, so we were headed in early to help out, which the kids didn’t mind at all for once. Their jokes started right away and even I had to laugh at T’s (7 years old) “invisible dice”….once L (9 years old) explained it to me. T shook his dice in his hand, rolled and exclaimed “awww, man! Zero!” I looked at him, kinda confused and said “huh?” and he did the same thing again. L explained that T will always roll a zero with those dice…since they’re invisible, there are no dots painted on them!
While they were packing their lunches (yes, this is their job. Call me a bad mother, but I don’t do it for them…I only inspect what they’re taking. They need to learn how to choose to eat properly eventually) the dream stories started. Now, I will often tell the kids whatever I can remember about my silly dreams, ie there were these three dogs trying to catch a giraffe swimming out into the sea, but the dogs didn’t want to get wet…etc. I usually don’t know the whys, hows, or endings to these stories, but the kids enjoy them anyways. They try to do this too, but I think that they don’t usually remember their dreams because when they try to tell the stories I can see them thinking about what to say next. The stories can be pretty silly anyways though. I am just glad to give them an excuse to use their imaginations…especially if it can make them smile first thing in the morning.
Morning smiles don’t appear every day (how I wish they did…) but I try to get the day rolling on the right foot from the start.
What causes your morning smiles? Have any jokes for me to share with the kids to start their weekdays? (G-rated please!)

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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