The Ambulance Trip

For those of you who have read my previous posts, you know that T was an emergency c-section.  You would also know that medications are a every night thing in my house.  Both my boys are asthmatics (L is moderate, T is mild).  I just read a post (link below) the describes almost exactly what happened about 6 years ago. T was 8 months old, we were at home in a town that has a hospital but no pediatric services. We went to the town hospital  and it followed along the same lines as Mother Ruckus’ “The Big Adventure in the Ambulance”

Mother Ruckus’ post

We didn’t get to take our carseat though. T was made to look even smaller by being strapped to the bed with heart rate and oxygen monitors hooked up to him, an IV in his arm and an oxygen mask strapped to his face. Our ambulance ride was about an hour long (regular speed this drive takes about 45 minutes longer). He got a teddy bear from the paramedics and a story of how he got his asthma diagnosis.

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