Unusually Close?

I’ve heard a lot of people saying they wish they were closer to their family. I’ve been in conversation with people when they mention their brother/sister/parent/whatever who “lives out west somewhere”. I’ve heard people announce they are going to call or visit their mother next weekend in a tone that implies this is a special occasion. It amazes me that people can be this out of touch with their family and be perfectly okay with it.
I know that some people live away from their family for school and work reasons. I totally understand that. What I don’t understand is, with all of today’s technology, how they can be out of touch. “Out west somewhere” implies you don’t know where….you don’t KNOW where your family LIVES? A call to mom is something unusual? Maybe my family is especially blessed, but the one person in my immediate family I talk to least is my brother, and I speak to him 2 or 3 times a week. I talk to my sister everyday, mom too. I see them almost as much. My mom, brother and sister all live on the same street. I am a few blocks away from that street, but can still walk to their places if I want.
Mom/dad/sis/bro coming over to my place does not mean I have to make my place spotless, or even that they have to call ahead. I live here, kids live here, other kids drop in here, my family knows this and they know they are welcome anytime. Same goes for me at their places.
My sister is my best friend. I’m writing this sitting in my mom’s living room (after showing her around a little bit of WordPress) while the kids are amusing themselves at her dining room table. One or both of us will probably hear from dad soon (even though mom and dad are looong divorced). We will also be calling my sister at some point this afternoon and she and the kids will probably come up. My brother is camping, so word from him won’t happen until at least tonight.
I know everyone’s work schedule, they know mine. We go out to dinner every once in awhile just ’cause. We get together on everyone’s birthday, whether it is one of the children, one of the grandparents, or someone in between. We get together on the random day that everyone is off…and we know when this is. Holidays are an all day event. Too many people in any one of our kitchens, but everyone working together. Noise, confusion, chaos, happiness, irritation comes with any big event, but it’s all stuck together with love and togetherness. Are you close with your family too or is my family an alien concept?

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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7 Responses to Unusually Close?

  1. Launna says:

    I agree Julie, there is way too much technology to not stay in contact. I work hard to keep in touch with my family. Sometimes they are not as diligent but I never give up. Nice blog:)

  2. monkiss says:

    My mother left our family when we were kids, so I long for the type of family you describe…I learned to be a homemaker at 9….I was told a long time ago by a therapist that if I wanted that close family, I would have to make it when I grew up. Presto! Working on it now at 34 and excited, I have the best in-laws!!

    • The J85 says:

      I am sorry to hear that you had such a rough childhood….but so happy for you to have found your ‘true’ family. Family comes in many shapes and sizes, and can enter our lives at any time. Now that you have found yours, do me a favor and don’t let them drift into the background of your life πŸ™‚

  3. Inspirational Mama says:

    I moved from Michigan to California 1o years ago. But since the birth of my twins I have longed for home. I hate that my family is not apart of my daily life. My sister is also my best friend and we talk several times a day. I am hoping with in the next couple of years the stars will a line and I will be sitting writing on my mamas couch. Enjoyed this post!

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