My brother is in the process of moving out of my mother’s place. This is a big step for him as he has lived with someone in one form or another up until now. He (and mom) has been looking forward to this for more than a year.
He was entirely prepared to complete the move on the first of this month but circumstances have delayed this for another month or so…kind of. He has “half moved”. The previous tenant is still there. Her furniture is still there. She is occupying one of the two bedrooms. My brother has moved some of his stuff in there, has paid half rent and has been able to sleep in his new place (on her couch) since “moving in”.
Today my boys and I got to visit their uncle’s new place. I was honestly surprised. The place is huge for a first place and really nice (he even has a dishwasher…I’m jealous!). He doesn’t own a lot in the way of furniture but what he does own is mostly in storage. Once he gets totally moved in, the place will definitely reflect him.
While we were there, he lamented over the fact that he “can’t” set up his bed. His bedroom is mainly storage at this point. I have been through many moves so the solution to this problem was easy for me.

I looked around and said “If you put this over there, put all that together and stack those like this, there will be room for your bed here.”

His reply ” Yeah, but that’s a lot of effort.”

“Let’s do it now while there are two of us.” (The children were enjoined his deck.)

So that’s exactly what we did. His bed is in, set up, and made. He now has a bed to sleep in complete with his new sheets. I met his (temporary) roommate, the kids thoroughly enjoyed spending time with their uncle, and I look forward to helping him finish moving in.
He is ready for his new home of his own and we are all ready for him to have it. Now, what to get as a housewarming gift for someone who has been preparing for this for the last 10 years?…

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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