He Eats Through His Nose!

No, I’m not talking about either of my boys (thank goodness). I’m not talking about any of my other kids either, though everyone likes to call him a member of the family. He has his own “room”, is put to bed on time almost every day, tends to follow people around, is very noisy (especially when eating), and yes, he eats through his nose!
I have to tell you that Henry isn’t someone that most people would even think to call part of the family. In fact, he’s more of a “something” than a “someone”. No, he’s not a pet. Nor is he some exotic animal that happens to hang around our place. He is, in fact, not even alive (in the biological sense).
Henry is our vacuum cleaner. He is an industrial vacuum cleaner as a matter of fact. He was a cast off from the company he used to work (eat) for. We have adopted him into our family, and the kids love him.
When it is time to vacuum, it sounds like a lot of fun and generates a lot of excitement to say “it’s time to feed Henry!” The kids have an actual name to attach to this piece of housecleaning equipment and use this as an excuse to be downright silly about it…and I’m not complaining! How many 7- year-olds beg to vacuum the whole house? Well, my kids don’t beg to do housework, but they do argue over who gets to feed Henry and who has fed him the most “food”.
Henry is definitely not the most spectacular piece of housecleaning equipment I’ve ever seen (he’s just a high-powered, beat up container vac) but he is fun! He has eyes and a mouth painted on his container and the hose is his nose, bringing out the statement my 9-year-old made today, “He eats through his nose!”
When it’s time to put him away, we “get him ready for bed” by taking off his attachments. He is led to his “room” (the hall closet), where he “snuggles in” (it’s kind of a tight fit with his attachments) and goes to “bed”. The kids even wish him a “goodnight” as the door is closed to “tuck him in”.
What silly little things make housework more fun/easier to get the kids to help in your house? Warning: I may steal your ideas…

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


Find out more about Henry and see pics of new Henrys (ones that aren’t beat up) at http://www.henryvacs.co.uk/

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