Getting Ready to Run

The winter is almost over. Spring is just around the corner. Today was the last official day of March break. Yesterday was the middle of the month (meaning payday). All these things mean one thing to my family: get ready to run!
We are lucky enough in my family to all have been runners (except my mom) in one form or another, for one reason or another at some point in our lives. High school/junior high school sports demanded some participation in any one of the running programs in order to qualify. My dad ran his way through high school and college. My sister still runs now. So now, with 3 school age children and one who is getting close to fitting into that category (kinda…), we are very excited to be part of a “running school.”
We have morning running club twice a week in running season. My sister takes the kids out for practices with her once a week. And our school (including my kids) is very active with with the provincial Youth Running Series (sponsored by Doctors Nova Scotia).
Getting ready to run this year meant getting new sneakers. Payday yesterday, back to school Monday, first running practice of the season coming this Wednesday…this all added up to sneakers this weekend for my boys…Throw in a movie (we were hoping to catch a toonie matinee), a fast food lunch as a treat, and their aunt and cousin, and we have a fun day planned. From August to December, they each went through two pairs of “cheapie” sneakers and had their fair shares of sore feet at the finish line (1.5 km). I decided that cheapie sneakers wouldn’t do it this time around. The boys are at the point now of needing dedicated running shoes.
I was awakened at midnight last night to a word that I hate hearing in the middle of the night. “Mommy?”
“Uhugh” (I’m pretty sure this was my response.)
“I can’t sleep.”
“Why not?”
“My ear hurts.”
Awww…man! I had T come into my room. I looked in his ear. There was some wax buildup (not a big deal—we’ve dealt with this before). I cleared the wax and took another look.
I may not be a doctor, but I know my kids VERY well, he had an ear infection and needed amoxil. I do not freak about ear infections. Unless they are accompanied by a high fever or trigger an asthma attack, there is no need to rush to the IWK (children’s hospital). I sent him back to bed.
We got up at 7:45 this morning. The boys did their normal breakfast, medications, teeth routine and we were out the door by 9. We were headed down the hill instead of up like we had planned. We arrived at the clinic about 20 mins later.
Sitting in the waiting room for 30 mins without books, toys, or games wasn’t especially fun but was not too bad. Once we got into the exam room, I explained to T what the doctor would do when she came in and why. Check right ear, check left ear, check throat, write prescription. The boys were amazed when this was exactly what she did, but amused by the fact that I missed a step (listening to lungs). 5 minutes after the doctor walked into the exam room we were walking out of the office.
We dropped off the prescription at the pharmacy counter and walked to the front of the store to grab a mid-morning snack (junk, I’ll admit). By the time we had paid for our snack, the amoxil was ready and we were outta there. We caught a bus to meet up with my sister just as we had originally planned (though a little later). We got one shoe store in before it was time for lunch. Lunch was hurried as the movie we wanted to catch was at one and we hadn’t gotten our tickets yet. In the five minutes between checking ticket availability and actually arriving at the theatre, the movie we wanted to see was sold out. We went to a full priced movie instead (Journey 2—it was AWESOME!).
Three more stores (including a sports store as soccer is coming up soon too), about ten pairs tried on each, and three hours later and we were headed home. We came home with four pairs of shoes (two each), one pair of cleats and a T beginning to complain that he’s cold. I fed them supper thinking the cold is probably due to tired/hungry. T was still cold.
The house is now quiet…the boys are in bed. T was given tylenol and amoxil and half an hour later he wasn’t cold anymore. The boys spent the evening just happy to be home, each happy to be allowed to wear shoes in/around the house to break them in. They are pleased with their new acquisitions and eager for the running season to begin again.
They feel ready to run. They are happy. They honestly did enjoy the day despite all the bumps in take road, the changes in plans. I enjoyed the day as well.
Hopefully T can stay warm through the rest of the weekend…on Sunday we’re going to visit the marmosets…they’re visiting a local museum!

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


To learn more about the Youth Running Series in Nova Scotia, visit

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  1. The J85 says:

    I know there are some typos/auto-correct errors in this post. I am also aware that there are some non-linear statements of thoughts in this post. For some reason my cursor kept repositioning itself and I found it difficult to put things where they were supposed to be once I noticed. Apparently it’s impossible to edit posts properly from a smartphone too….

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