But Mom!…

Our planned trip to the museum today was especially for lil miss (my niece). She hadn’t seen the marmosets yet and was very eager to see these little balls of energy. Lil Mr (nephew) was pretty excited about the little monkeys too. We told the 4 kids on the way down that we were taking 4 monkeys to see 3 monkeys.
Oddly enough, the monkeys didn’t hold attention for any of the kids with us today. L and lil miss were all wrapped up in the giant sphere exhibit, T only wanted to run around the nature exhibit, and lil Mr found his new favorite spot with the snakes.
Our issues did not continue while we were out (thank goodness). The kids were actually really well behaved…2 out of 4 (one of which being T) turned down snacks when offered. T was very considerate of others while we were out and was extremely patient while everyone was spending time at their favorite exhibits…even when lil Mr wanted to spend extra time with Gus, who T and L know very well.
The kids were absolutely enthralled with the sphere exhibit…we probably spent close to half an hour watching the earth rotate while all of them sat still. In the under the canopy (rainforest) exhibit, the adults focused on trying to get pictures of the marmosets (unsuccessfully…they’re fast little guys!) while the children all staked out their favorite creatures (L with the emperor scorpion, T looking out the window at the horse stable next door, lil miss with the giant tarantula, and lil Mr with the snakes). The big attraction in the nature exhibit was a game of “who can find the most animals and insects on the forest floor?” Don’t think anyone actually kept count there so everyone won!
After the museum we got halfway home and decided cooking didn’t sound at all appealing and went out to dinner. We went to one of our favorite spots (a steakhouse). There were 3 birthdays announced while we were there, which thrilled the kids as birthday desserts are presented with sparklers (and what kid doesn’t love watching sparklers?). Our meals were as good as usual, our waitress was fantastic, the good behavior held through and we had a great time.
Now, sitting at home, I wish we had more time. It’s Sunday. March Break is over tomorrow morning….. But MOA-AHM! I don’t WANNA go to school….

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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