Cute Stories #1: “Mom?”!

My mom used to tell me these cute little stories when I was growing up and before my own children were old enough to speak. These seemed like cute little things that she just HAD to be making up. She also told me what she called the “mother’s curse” which I also believed had to be just another story. Well, all I can say now, 9 years after my first child was born, is LISTEN TO THE STORIES YOUR MOTHER TELLS YOU! These stories probably aren’t made up, and mom isn’t telling them to you as a joke…it’s real.

Story #1:
This is the very first “cute story” I remember my mom telling me. Mom has spent all day playing with, talking to, “helping”, hanging around with, eating with, and caring for the youngest (talking) member of the family. It is after dinner and household quiet time. Everyone is enjoying their own quiet activities when the phone rings. Mom gets halfway into her conversation with her longtime friend (who she hasn’t spoken with in what seems like forever due to growing families on both sides) and the little one is suddenly RIGHT there…practically on mom’s lap. Mom cuddles the little one in and, while trying to continue her conversation hears “Mom? Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom…”
Simply looking straight at the child going through this endless stream of “mom”s does not satisfy the little one that mom’s attention is focused in their direction. Mom waits for the intake of breath pause to try to figure out what’s up, but it seems as though this child has an endless supply of oxygen for that one word. Mom interrupts with a “what?” that the little one can’t hear over the “mom”s (telephone conversation has stopped, friend has children too and waits for this to play out). Mom’s “what”s get louder and louder until she practically screams “WHAT DO YOU WANT?!” Cue the cute little smile, the sparkle in the eyes, the dimples in the cheeks. “I love you, mom!” And the little one scampers off.
Let me point out: this is cute the first time it happens, maybe even the third time it happens, but it gets old fast. The twentieth time you hear this, you WILL realise mom was warning you!

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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9 Responses to Cute Stories #1: “Mom?”!

  1. fridaamu says:

    Hahah, so true! My 3 year old does that..

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