It’s Tax Time

Okay, I have no idea if tax time is the same in the US (or Norway, Japan, or the UK) as it is for us here in Canada, but I do know Feb 1-Apr 30 means that there is a constant flurry of tax related stuff going on. For me, tax time just means math time. It also means that I have an extra opportunity to show the kids why homework is important.
All of my family and most of my friends only have basic tax returns. Most of my family and friends always struggled with math. As someone who took high school math in grade 7 and went to university for a summer with the Canadian Mathematical Society when I was 14, this was never an issue for me.
This all translates to a busy time of year for me. My house is a constant parade of tax return “help” (which basically means they give me all their info and I input the data in the proper places on the forms—don’t worry, I don’t keep anything, SINs are for them to insert and they take all papers to mail and file appropriately themselves). I have absolutely no problem with filling out the forms…I’m just glad I don’t have to make them!
So far this year I have done five returns and am waiting for a final form for number six. Three of these five have already received their returns. All of this is done around my schedule of caring for the kids, my two jobs, PTA responsibilities, and organizing for big fundraisers coming up in May.
During tax time, the kids see me with my stacks of papers, flipping back and forth, filling in numbers. They have come to see this as me doing homework. I have mentioned before than my children are very independent. The papers brought in by others have begun to be recognized as other people’s homework. The fact that so many others need “help” with their “homework” serves as an extra incentive for them to complete their own homework now. I realize that this may become an issue later (“Mom, why can’t you do MY homework? You do Aunt B’s!”), but until then, homework time means Mommy does homework too…at least a couple months a year!

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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