I Would Like to Announce That I Live a Minimalist Lifestyle With Kids

And as soon as I can honestly figure out how to do so I will let you know. Today I became very frustrated with the condition of our home. I guess it was due to the beginning of spring and the beautiful weather it brought with it today.
My house is clean but messy all the time due to the children, but today, looking around, all I could see was the clutter and piles of STUFF. I will also admit, I have been going easier on the kids when it comes to cleaning their room lately too. I was a woman on a mission with my two hours this morning and one hour this afternoon practically kid-free (my three year old nephew spent the day with me today).
I vacuumed the living room and kitchen, opened all the windows, cleaned the bathroom and then moved on to the kids’ room. I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten in there. I don’t believe in cleaning up the messes willingly made by the children, but I couldn’t see the floor! I decided it needed something done about it, especially if I had any hope of getting Henry in there. (Who’s Henry? Check out https://thej85.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/he-eats-through-his-nose/)
I grabbed one of the boxes that always seem to accumulate in my house and set to work. Any toy that was on the floor went into the box. I then decided not to limit myself to what was on the floor: any toy not put away properly ended up in the box too. The box was overflowing.
Any garbage that I found (ie those thin plastic bags in Lego boxes…approximately ten for a one hundred piece kit) I left on the floor. The pennies that had been taken out of T’s penny bucket (yes, bucket…the kid has probably fifteen dollars in pennies) stayed on the floor as well. The large toys such as the dollhouse, the racetrack, the magna-doodle, etc I put in their proper places.
The one thing that really got me, though, was their clothes! My boys have been complaining about how few clothes they have lately. I couldn’t figure it out. When we weed through the clothes they each get to keep ten of everything (pants, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, sweaters, sets of pajamas) and unlimited socks and underwear. I know we have accumulated a lot more than this since the last “weeding” too.
I started with the laundry basket in their room. I picked up the clothes off the floor and chucked them into the basket. I got about halfway through the room before the basket was rounded over the top. I grabbed two more baskets (one normal sized one and one that was originally meant to be a toy bin) and finished off the room. By the time I finished hauling stuff out from under the dresser, under the bed and out of the closet, all three baskets were full.
This meant it was obviously time to do laundry. I took the clothes from my room, my shower towels from the bathroom (as well as the…THREE???…facecloths from the bathroom sink), and the dish cloth and dish towel and headed to the laundry room. All together I washed, dried and folded 6 (SIX!) loads of laundry today.
Today I accomplished: six loads of laundry, getting the kids to finish cleaning their bedroom, de-cluttering the living room, cleaning the bathroom, working at the school for an hour, getting three kids to do all their homework, feeding four kids supper, cleaning my kitchen and bathroom floors, cleaning and de-cluttering surfaces in the kitchen, and tiring myself out!
My next goal is to weed toys, coloring books and clothes….I think I’ll give myself a week or so to get that done though!

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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One Response to I Would Like to Announce That I Live a Minimalist Lifestyle With Kids

  1. supergrammy says:

    There’s a giant garage sale at exhibition park on the 7th if you want to get rid of stuff ( and probably puck more up).

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