It’s Gettin’ Hot Up Here!

I realize I disappeared for more than 24 hours and I apologize. I will admit, I have absolutely no set schedule when it comes to blogging. I blog when I get to actually finish an entry….and getting the time to START one can be difficult enough.
Yesterday my unoccupied time (8:15-9:00pm) found me waking up to my phone beeping a text message at 9:30. I decided to drag myself to bed thinking I should have written but totally incapable of doing so. I couldn’t even think of what I would write. I am a little more awake today.
Yesterday was pretty busy. I was working at my fast food job. Our sales were normal, I had the normal number of people, but my day was not 100% normal.
Weather here to start spring has been more like an early summer. Yesterday we hit 24C (75F) and today was 28C (82F). This would have been awesome for the business….except for the fact that our ice cream machine wasn’t working. It had to be taken apart and put back together multiple times in order to get it operational.
After I left work, it was to the school to pick up my boys for me. We stayed on the playground for a little over an hour. My brother met us there. He and his girlfriend had brought her 2 year old son to play too.
Once our hour of playtime was up, it took a little longer to talk M (the two year old) off the playground. I don’t think M has been to the school playground before so everything was new and amazing to him. Even the offer of ice cream couldn’t pull him away! He came around when we all started walking away.
We came back to my place and I pulled the ice cream out of the freezer. Surprise all the way around the table: Jules bought cones on the last trip to the store! (This is an extra special treat in my house…ice cream is a special treat in itself.) The kids happily dove in while I apologized about the messiness of my kitchen (feeding 4 kids than heading to work tends to make some cleaning opportunities appear…) and tried to get it fit enough to make supper in.
I made supper while M got used to my house and the way things work here (like the playground, he has never been her before). My brother and M’s mom hung out in the living room while I kept the kitchen running. M kept bring toys out to his mom, like any kid, totally amazed to see these “new” toys. The three “drop-ins” of the day ended up staying for supper. We all ate supper together (M didn’t eat as much as I thought he would) than they had to leave.
Supper finished, it was time for homework. The boys flew through this and asked for an extra privilege to reward their fast and neat work. The requested reward? More time outside…how could I say no to that.
We stayed out until the streetlights came on. Once we got home it was time to get ready for bed. Bedtime is 8:00 pm. They were asleep by 8:15. And that brings us to my free time yesterday…
Today was warmer. I worked fast food again (this time WITH an ice cream machine). We were busier. After work I didn’t meet up with M, his mom and my bro…but I did meet up with lil miss and lil Mr…

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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