Less Than a Month In the Blogging World

And I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! A big thank you to monkiss (http://monkiss.wordpress.com) for nominating me…especially since your blog is so great!

The Versatile Blogger Award

The rules of accepting the nomination:
Thank the person who nominated me
Include a link to his/her blog
Share seven things about myself
Nominate fifteen blogs I follow for this award

1. My spiritual viewpoint is not that of any organized (or unorganized) religion. It is entirely my own, totally complicated, impossible to explain and has a tendency to change from time to time.

2. I always say that I want more hours in a day. Though I think if that was to happen, I would end up with bigger/more jobs to be done rather than getting more accomplished each day.

3. I am an avid reader. I always have at least two books on the go. If I don’t have something to read, I go crazy! I prefer fantasy/supernatural novels. YA novels have more of a selection of “my type” of books, so I spend more time reading those than novels written for adults.

4. Despite number three, I have never read the Twilight trilogy. I never really knew about it until it was crazy popular. For some reason, the huge, seemingly instant, fame deterred me from ever picking up these books.

5. When I decided to start blogging I had 100 ideas I wanted to write about. I can’t remember what they are now.

6. I moved out of my mom’s house with my three sisters when I was fifteen. My oldest sister and I became the “house parents”. She was the major earner, I brought in some money and I played housewife. We felt like the parents to our other two sisters.

7. I was kicked out of high school for a semester and still managed to graduate a year and a half early. When I was pregnant with L, I became very ill. The doctors couldn’t figure out what I had. My life and that of my child were in jeopardy. I was in the hospital for three weeks, which brought my term absences up to seventeen. The maximum absences allowed per term by the school board was fifteen so I was asked to turn in my books.

Okay, so that was the really hard part. Now for the fun part: the nominations!

I nominate (in no particular order):

1. This Mom’s Got Something to Say (http://thismomsgotsomethingtosay.com)

2. Daddy, Round Two (http://daddyroundtwo.wordpress.com/)

3. The Adventures of Jaydon and Daddy (http://jaydonanddaddy.com/)

4. Cultural Quirks (http://culturalquirks.com/)

5. Mother Ruckus (http://motherruckus.wordpress.com/)

6. Doodle Dad (http://doodledad.wordpress.com/)

7. Broken Condoms (http://brokencondoms.wordpress.com/)

8. Autism Momisms (http://autismmomisms.com/)

9. Goodbye, Pert Breasts: The Diary of a Newborn Dad (http://goodbyepertbreasts.com/)

10. From Nonsense to Momsense (http://stacydymalski.wordpress.com/)

11. plan B~each (http://planbeach.wordpress.com/)

12. The Musings of a Jewish Stay-At-Home Father (http://stayathometatte.wordpress.com/)

13. Footsteps of a Stranger (http://rachelgit.wordpress.com/)

14. Mom in the Muddle (http://muddledmom.com/)

15. Okay, I lied…I said no particular order (and that is mostly true) but I saved my favorite for last. This guy’s honesty somehow makes his blog hilarious! sirtilc42 (http://sirtilc42.wordpress.com/)

I love all the blogs I follow! These were just the ones that came to mind. Every one of you deserve this!

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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15 Responses to Less Than a Month In the Blogging World

  1. beachmum says:

    So awesomely flattering! yay! Thank you!!!! And thank you for reading! 🙂

  2. monkiss says:

    i think my favourite part of this is learning about the bloggers stuff that’s not in their usual posts. all the best 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for the nomination, and for liking my blog enough to do so!! You just made my day 🙂


  4. sirtilc42 says:

    Wow. I’m soaking in flattery. Thanks!!!!

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  6. sirtilc42 says:

    Hey!! What do you mean “somehow”? LMAO

    • The J85 says:

      Honesty and real life don’t generally generate laughs like your posts do…it’s a comment on your writing talent….more flattery! Feel better with the explanation (and extra flattery points)? 🙂

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  8. Thanks! I’ve FINALLY posted my appreciate of you giving me this award on my own blog. It’s only taken me FOREVER! Sorry about that. I really do appreciate giving me recognition. In return here is my praise of YOUR blog. Check it out: http://stacydymalski.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/the-abcs-of-being-versatile/

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