I’m not talking about things I can actually do or even a great game. I’m talking about the things my kids THINK I can do/control.
Waking the kids up at 6:15 this morning, I was informed that I can’t expect them to go running. After all, there was still snow on the ground. Unless this was fixed by 7:45, a run wasn’t going to happen. (They didn’t get an option on this one…they went for a run.)
I am so relieved that someone has informed me that I must control the weather! I wish I knew exactly how to make it do what I want though…
I am also expected to know where/when everything is, even if it’s something I have never heard of. “Mom, do you know where the blue round thing with a flat top is?” The what??? “Mom, when is the first meeting for the camera club that Mr M is thinking of starting?” Mr M is starting a camera club??? (He was only thinking about it at the time…no definate plans had been made. There now IS a camera club)
Did you know that I can read minds too? Apparently I should know why Chris doesn’t want to play with Shelly, who told Peter that Susan likes him, and whether Tyler thinks that William’s new toy is cool or lame. I should also know what the note from T’s teacher says, even though he forgot to bring it home.
I should be able to complete tasks at lightning speed and make food cook faster. The housework should also be done before the kids get home…even though I go right from work to pick them up from school. Things that the kids want, I should be able to create out of thin air.
All these beliefs are understandable in very young children, but my boys are 7 and 9, my usual group of kids at school are 9-12. When does the “supermommy” thinking cease? I’m glad that they think so highly of me, but why do they think I can actually do ANYTHING, even the impossible?

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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9 Responses to Supermommy!

  1. Vinny Grette says:

    Glad to read about a family that goes running together in the morning – yay!

    • The J85 says:

      Running isn’t an everyday thing though! Not really so much a family thing either actually. It’s a program put on by our school and the adults in my family (mostly my sister in this case) are very active in volunteer roles necessary to keep the program going!

  2. The J85 says:

    To find out more about our running season so far (it has just started) you can also check out Getting Ready to Run! (

  3. Momma Margi says:

    My 4 year old expects me to know what he wants for a snack/dinner, and if I serve the wrong thing.. I get in trouble.. How does that work?!

  4. supergrammy says:

    As YOUR mother, I sometimes think you, your sister and brother all think I can do it all! I do understand your frustration, that’s just when you have to “take five” for yourself. Love ya hun, they will grow up and figure out you can’t control or know everything, as a matter of fact, they will think that you know nothing. Remember my curse. It came true in your case, as I’m sure it will in theirs.

  5. I think that it might be a requirement for children to think their parents are superheroes. I’ve seen everything you mentioned a hundred times amongst my younger cousins and my older cousins’ kids. But you forgot a very important one: they think we have an endless supply of disposable cash. Maybe some kids understand the value of a dollar, but most of the ones I know think they deserve a toy/treat/whatever they want every time they’re within 100 miles of a store. I even heard a little kid (he was only about five!) at the store once tell his mother to just “use your credit card!” when she tried to explain that she had no money to buy him a toy. I just about died. lol

    • The J85 says:

      Due to previous money struggles and talking to the kids at any given time about our financial status, my boys have a pretty good grasp on what “we can’t afford it right now” means. I’m lucky there, but that doesn’t mean they don’t expect me to make things materialize out of thin air!

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