I Just Don’t Care!

Today I just had one of those days. I just didn’t care. In today’s case though, this was a positive thing.
I don’t care that there are dishes that need to be done. I don’t care that the laundry still needs to be folded. I don’t care that the house is messy. I just don’t care.
A while ago I got some coupons on a box of Bear Paws. I actually ended up getting four boxes at once to make sure I got these great coupons. They were for free kid’s meals at Cora’s.
Cora’s is our favorite (actually pretty much the only) place to go out for breakfast. Going to Cora’s is no small thing for us though. With one car and a group of at least ten people per visit, it takes a little planning. This plan was made Friday when I found out lil miss and lil Mr would be with me today.
Mom, Dad, my brother, his girlfriend, her son, the four kids and I, decided that a Sunday family breakfast was due this weekend. The kids were REALLY excited. With everything going on in my life right now, I was really excited to just have a meal I wouldn’t have to clean up after. I was looking forward to the break.
We had reserved our table and arrived right on time. The meal didn’t go exactly as planned, but for the most part, we enjoyed our meal out. For those of you who don’t know Cora’s, the menu is fruit based…which always puts our family in a great mood.
Today wasn’t the most beautiful day. It wasn’t very warm, the sky was cloudy, and there was a wind blowing. When we stepped outside after our “sunny” breakfast though, it made the day feel like the middle of summer. We wanted to play!
In my mind, I saw a picture of my living room, followed by a picture of my dishes waiting to be done and rounded out by the laundry waiting to be folded and a snapshot of my busy week ahead. I decided I don’t care. If I went home to slog through those chores, we would miss our gorgeous day. If we went to play, what would we miss? It’s not like the housework was going anywhere. The kids and I went to play!
Now, a normal playday would be going to one of our two regular playgrounds (or both) for an hour or so and then coming home. The kids get tired of it that fast. I guess that’s just because they are so used to them.
A gorgeous playday like today, starting with a special breakfast, deserved more than normal. We walked to the playground nearest to the restaurant. The kids haven’t been there in about five years, so they were seeing it through brand new sets of eyes.
This playground has two structures, one for little legs and one for older children. It also has a swingset, which has become a rare thing around here. The kids were overjoyed to get a chance to “finally play at this AWESOME, new playground”!
They tried (and marvelled over) everything. Lil Mr tried all of the (5) slides. Lil miss made a beeline for the swingset. T hunted out the steering wheel and echo tubes. And L? He tried to figure out what the thing up where the other kids couldn’t reach it was. He was amazed when I demonstrated the slider!
This visit provided lots of playground firsts too! Lil Mr climbed the metal ladder entirely by himself for the first time. Lil miss and T discovered the joy of “underducks” on the swings for the first time. L figured out the slider and got a chance to demonstrate his amazing upper body strength. They all made at least one playground friend for the day too. We left a little after noon. My announcement that we were headed home for lunch was met with a chorus of “I’m not hungry”s. They caved to the mom voice though (I think it also helped that the “order” was given in French as well), and we left for home.
The “not hungry” children ate twice as much as usual for lunch. After lunch, though he wasn’t acting tired, I put lil Mr down for his nap. I knew that if the nap was skipped, he would be beyond tired by five o’clock. He only napped for 45 minutes or so, but I’m glad I took the time to do this.
Lil Mr woke up raring to go, so a little after two o’clock we headed out the door again, this time with a backpack equipped with bubbles, wands and a bottle of water. We could’ve gone to the normal playground, but today was a fun day! We headed to the (2nd) closest elementary school to check out another unfamiliar playground.
We blew some bubbles. The kids climbed everything the could reach. Lil Mr discovered their slide is WAY more slippery than he is used to (after sliding right off the end of it three or four times). This playground grew old faster than the morning one though, so we left to find another.
The next one was only a block away, tucked back off the main stretch. I didn’t even know it was there! This playground lasted quite a bit longer than the last though. In fact, we stayed until it was time to head home for supper.
It lasted longer because they made a new friend there and insisted on pictures (they’re at the bottom of this post). They spent forever climbing around trying to find different ways of having fun with this friend.
The bottle of bubbles in the backpack? Gone. The wands? Each of them was tried at least once. The water? Lil Mr drank the last of it a block from home on the way back.
Each of the kids ate at least double their normal amount for supper. Lil Mr ate about four times his usual! I actually ended up having to cook something else for myself…and I had cooked extra planning on having leftovers!
They had their baths and totally crashed at bedtime. After our Sunday play day the kids were pink faced, had full tummys, dirty (then clean) and happy.
As for how/when all my housework will get done with a supremely busy week coming up? I don’t care!….

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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