To All the Moms Out There…

Ever wish you could skip the “mom” part and jump right into “grandma”? Not that I don’t love being a mom….but gram sounds like so much more fun! I don’t wish this day in and day out or even every time I have to discipline the kids. It’s only twice a year that this feeling really hits me—-Easter and Christmas.
While I may not be entirely Christian (shocked gasps erupt!), these two holidays have a big impact on me. Santa Claus + the Easter Bunny = late nights + early mornings…every year. Kids can’t fall asleep because they’re excited and there is tons to get done once they are asleep. They wake early, again, because they’re excited, and want things to start right away.
This is tons of fun, I don’t deny that, but it seems every year it gets harder and harder to keep up with. I am 26 years old, and I swear, every year it makes me feel about 20 years older. I love the hunt for Easter candy and the delighted squeals, gasps and exclamations of “it’s just what I always wanted” (about a dollar store stocking stuffer) but after a midnight (or after) bedtime and a 6am wake up, it seems hard to keep up.
I would love to have the night before to just relax, read a book, play on my phone, whatever, and just wait for the excitement to begin. While it’s not always possible for Grammy to be here for the beginning of the event, we usually try to arrange it so that the whole family is gathered for the main excitement. (Although this year’s Easter the hunt will be over by the time everyone arrives) 😦
While I know it can sometimes be difficult to be standing by (or sitting, or sleeping) while your child does these tasks for your grandchildren, as someone still in the “mom” role, I can’t help but envy these two nights a year. I’m tired, still warning the kids that they need to get to sleep for their special visitor, ready to fall into bed at 9pm, and looking ahead at what still needs to be done every time. My mom is at home doing what she feels needs to be done at her place but without the urgency (usually) that I have to complete my tasks.
I realize my mom did this for me and my siblings, and now I REALLY know what it took for her to get it done. I appreciate how hard she worked just to do all this, it is more difficult than I imagined before I had children of my own. Like me, she did it all alone too. I’m just glad my kids haven’t camped out in the living room yet like I did a couple times as a kid. I still don’t know how she pulled that one off!
My boys are 7 & 9, and while most of my time is spent telling them to stop growing (up), on Christmas and Easter, sometimes I wish I could be Grammy…..mind you, I get to play with the toys more and I get more of the candy as mom….

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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