Good to the Last Drop!

With everything going on lately, my me time has totally disappeared. I used to have about an hour in the morning and two after the kids went to bed to just breathe. Over the last month or so that time has been used playing catch up, doing paperwork, and preparing for fundraising work.
Today was a highly unusual day. The laundry is all washed and dried (needs to be folded, but that’s a “whatever” thing), the dishes were all caught up, L was home sick (asthma/allergy issues), and I didn’t have to work. I decided to have a “roll with it day”.
My sister came to pick L and I up after helping with the school running club practice and we went out for a morning coffee. Lil Mr was with us too. We had our chat over coffee, filled each other in on stuff we didn’t talk about 12 hours before and relaxed without the time constraints we’re both usually under. We used to do this 1-3 times a week, but lately it just hasn’t happened at all.
While chatting, she mentioned that she needed new work shoes for her overnight shift tonight. She works for the same fast food company I do, actually, she’s technically my boss. I needed new work shoes too as I tend to be a little more than hard on my footwear when working. We headed up to a shop that gives employees of our company a discount and each found a passable pair of work shoes.
Once done there (we had also made a few other stops in between), it was already obvious (at 11:30) that both the boys were starting to get hungry. We decided to head to our favorite local sushi restaurant. After calling Mom (we can’t go for sushi without inviting Mom! She would be disappointed) we headed to pick her up so we could all go for lunch together.
When we go out for lunch, it is always the three of us together. It is very rare for one or two of us to go without the others. That being said, it’s been a couple of months since we all headed out for lunch. We didn’t even realize how long it had been since we’ve done this until we were there.
We really rediscovered our love for our lunch spot during dessert though. We had all eaten more than usual, were a little overstuffed, and getting a little silly as food drunkness set in (we weren’t even food drunk on Easter!). Dessert was mango ice cream, green tea ice cream, and deep fried bananas. Part of the fun of this dessert is that it is only served with forks (no spoons!) and the ice cream is served on top of the freshly fried bananas….it melts fast!
L and I shared one order and Mom, my sister and lil Mr shared another. As we were two against three slices of dessert, L and I kind of lost the race. There was a puddle of ice cream along our plate. L did not want to forfeit that much ice cream though! He decided that it had to be trapped and eaten. His eyes fell on the soya sauce dish and he formulated his plan.
The dessert plate was rectangular (actually it was a parallelogram…if I misrepresent the geometry, L will make sure I receive a grade three math refresher on the subject) so a corner could be used to pour the ice cream into the dish. He explained to my sister how to carry this out (it’s obviously not something you ask your mother to do…that’s what aunts are for, right?). She decided to carry out the plan.
Once about 3/4 of the ice cream had made it into the soya sauce dish (my sister was still scraping/pouring), our hostess came over to see if we were ready for the check. We felt like children with our hands caught in the cookie jar. My sister couldn’t meet her eyes, L ducked under the table to hide, lil Mr leaned over to look under the table trying to figure out what L was doing, and mom and I burst out laughing. None of us could even answer our poor server! She went to check another table, and her departure prompted more laughing from our entire table.
When our server came back, we apologized for her previous trip to the table (pretty sure there were giggles there too). We paid our check, left a generous tip, and left the restaurant still chuckling. We got to laugh at ourselves and probably gave our hostess a good “one time a customer…” story. We also got to reconnect with each other in a way we haven’t done in too long.

Time with my mom and my sister: good to the last drop! 😀


No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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5 Responses to Good to the Last Drop!

  1. ObiWanCanubi says:

    Hi Jules, not that you want or need the award again, but you are in my Kreativ nomination list.

    • The J85 says:

      Thank you for the nom ObiWan! I will not be participating in this round, but I really appreciate that you feel I deserve this again! I have been on here for a month and a half and already received three nominations….I had no idea simply writing about my day would draw such attention! Thank you again, and keep reading and writing!

  2. krisstah says:

    I didn’t know sushi places served ice cream. Lol. Fried bananas do sound pretty amazing though! Puts me 100 calorie snack packs to shame lol

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