Sunny Day Indoors :(

Well, today was kind of a bust of a day. It was absolutely beautiful outside but we didn’t get to enjoy it. Everything just kind of kept falling apart.
Today felt like spring. The temperature actually hit the 20s (C). The sun was shining and a warm breeze was blowing.
The kids were cranky though. Lil mr’s sleep schedule was totally thrown off on Thursday by a late, long nap. He is still recovering from this. For today this meant tears, hissy fits, and multiple attempts to get the others in trouble by hitting them and than starting to cry when they told him to stop.
I put him down for his nap at the normal time and he only slept for about 30 minutes. His normal nap is 90 minutes. He was okay for about an hour, than started acting up again.
When it was supposed to be our outside time, he was sleeping. We were stuck inside. The other kids than began to get cranky themselves. Being cooped up inside was making them bored and they didn’t even realize it.
My next get out of the house plan was to take the boys to the schoolyard when lil miss went to her Saturday dance lesson. Grandpa takes her to dance as part of the Christmas gift he gave her. They usually leave around 2:45 and when she was ready to go I still hadn’t heard from Grandpa. This is weird, Grandpa usually shows up by 2:30 to make sure she is ready to go on time.
I tried calling him with no answer on either of his phones. I tried texting my mom and brother to see if anyone had heard from/was with him. No one was able to reach him. Lil miss ended up missing her dance lesson today.
She took the news like a little trooper though. No tears, no fits. She got back into her regular clothes and asked if she could color. As lil Mr was tripping over himself because he was so tired, the answer was yes. Lil Mr needed a second nap, so we couldn’t go to the playground anyways.
I let lil Mr nap for half an hour than woke him up so that he would sleep tonight. By this time though, it was time to start making supper. Okay, so maybe we’ll go play after supper.
Lil miss took FOREVER to eat her supper. She was hungry, but just not interested in eating. Once all the kids were finished eating (around 6:30), they were told to get their outdoor gear on. They were all excited to finally get out of the house, but maybe too much so. Twice someone had to take their stuff off to go back for something forgotten (socks and a sweater). While supervising forgotten item retrieval, I let the other 3 get their stuff on by the door. Lil miss had to re-tie her shoes twice before I deemed them fit to walk in. Lil Mr put his coat on upside down and his shoes on the wrong feet, and was adamant that this was right and didn’t want to change it.
I got everyone straightened out, prepared to head out the door and we finally took off. About 10 minutes after we (finally) arrived at the playground, my sister showed up…it was time for lil miss and lil Mr to head home. They (of course) didn’t want to go.
I told them we would try again tomorrow. They have an extra running club practice tomorrow so they are guaranteed to get outdoors time. Here’s hoping for time at the playground too!

Maybe I should plan/pack a picnic lunch….

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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2 Responses to Sunny Day Indoors :(

  1. Krisstah says:

    jeeeze, it seems like one of those days eh? I woke up today beyond tired, bags under my eyes.. the boy is sick with a cold or flu and his son is now sick.. lol… this is what happens after friday the 13th i guess.. Dun dun dun!

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