All Tied Up

Sunday is the day to prepare for the rest of the week. It is time to make sure the cupboards are stocked with what is needed for the school week, the lunch bags really were emptied on Friday, homework is put back in the backpacks and kids are clean enough to face their friends after playing in the dirt for two days.
Part of this week’s Sunday was to take care of the floors. The weekend of attempts to get outside and kids running back and forth has produced a seemingly impossible amount of dirt to pile up fast. I took Henry out of his “bedroom” and got him all set up.
This, of course, could not be done in one smooth action. There were arguments to mediate, toys to be taken away, and “no”s to pass out. There was crying to stop, activities to set up, and snacks put out to placate the kids.
L was out running his 2k so just the three younger ones were running wild in the house. I got Henry hooked up, plugged in, and ready to go eventually though. Once Henry was ready, lil miss asked if she could be the one to feed him today. As there were dishes to do, supper to start, laundry to fold, and two other wild ones to try to keep under control, my answer was “yes please!”
She ran to the living room, grabbed his nose, and had T turn Henry on (sending lil Mr tearing off down the hall). I was in the kitchen, working on the dishes, when approximately two minutes later Henry shut off. Huh? No way the living room is done that quick. I had to see what was going on.
I peeked around the living room doorway to see lil miss pushing Henry’s on/off button over and over. Of course, Henry gave no response, his plug had been pulled from the wall. The cord was wrapped, tangled and knotted all around his nose. It looked like the mess when multiple strings of Christmas lights are stored all together in a plastic bag. How she possibly tied him up that badly that quickly is totally beyond me.
My hands being wet and soapy, it was not a good time for me to untie Henry. I sent lil miss down to the bedroom to play until it was time for her run. I’d do it myself after the dishes were done.
It took longer to straighten him out than it took for lil miss to tie him up, but I managed. I got him plugged back in and started up. Something was wrong. Henry got turned off again, and I crouched down to inspect him. All the connection points along his nose were either disconnected or looser than they were supposed to be.
I looked at the clock and realized I had to get supper ready. With four kids and three of them going for a run, a late supper is not an option. After supper was started, L came in and it was time for T and lil miss to head out. I put Henry back to bed….he just would not get fed today.
Monday to Friday will be filled with work, child care and fundraiser stuff, Saturday is the first race of the season and dance lessons, so it looks like next Sunday may be the first chance I get to fix and feed Henry. I will have to deal with the broom and dustpan until than I guess. Henry does a much better job, but I can’t give him the attention he needs until the kids are in bed. By then, I can’t feed him anyways. He is too loud. On the plus side, the other Sunday tasks have been completed!

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


Confused as to who Henry is? Check out

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