Food Phases

When the kids were smaller and started eating “real” food, I quickly picked out which were their favorites. I started making sure I always had some of their favorites on hand in case whatever I was feeding them on any given day was refused. Sometimes they got the favorite just because or to make sure it was used before it spoiled. There came a day though, when it was the “favorite” that was refused.
The first time L did this, I was completely confused. How was it possible that L didn’t want squash? He hadn’t had it in two or three days, surely he should be excited that this is what I was feeding him on this day. This happened a few more times until I caught on. Tastes change, you have to expect changes in babies, right?
By the time T came along I expected this. I was ready for the changes and knew how to just roll with them. I knew that with food, like with everything else with babies, expecting the unexpected was necessary. Having two or three different options available was a necessity.
When T came along, L was almost two. I noticed his tastes were still changing, just not as often. It took awhile before I noticed that their tastes started changing back though.
L and T are now 9 and 7 and, somewhere along the line, I have realized that this is not so much a case of tastes changing, it is more a case of phases. They go through cycles of preferred foods but this doesn’t really make those foods favorites. I’ve also become more able to predict the phases. A couple weeks ago I picked up eggs because I knew L was due for eggs to become a top pick. Last week, I picked up bananas because I knee this was coming up too.
Seeing the boys go through these phases has also gotten me to look closer at what I’m eating. No, I don’t mean I’m keeping a closer eye on my carbs, calories, salt, sugars, or any of that. I am simply looking at WHAT I am eating. I’ve come to realize I go through phases too.
Last month I went through a multigrain phase. Everything multigrain just looked and tasted better. Right now it’s soup. I don’t usually eat soup, but for the last two weeks all I really have an appetite for is various types of soup. Next will be red meat.
The only part of these phases I haven’t been able to figure out yet is how long they last. I still have some snacks in the back of the cupboard that are a couple months away from reoccurring. While the phases start at a somewhat consistent rate, their lengths seem to vary.
Neither of them will even touch squash anymore, their phases have been pretty consistent for the last few years, I’ve figured out what is coming when and how to prepare for the changes just in time. Here’s to hoping that they don’t decide that the phases need to be changed too…

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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3 Responses to Food Phases

  1. Krisstah says:

    knowing what you want a head of time would sure make grocery shopping easier.

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