Saving Money….NOT!!!

As a single mom, money is always something I keep a pretty close eye on. I am always looking for ways to save. If there is a reasonable way to save money on something I need or would like, I will go for it. There are some ways to save money that I have seen/heard of that I don’t think are even worth 100% savings. You couldn’t pay me to use these saving methods…..

This post was inspired by a story that I saw (heard actually) on Ripley’s Believe it or Not tonight. The story was about a man named Lance Azanix. This man paints with puke. Now, granted, he doesn’t use vomit to save money, but, even if I discovered I had this man’s ability to “store” liquids, I think I’ll stick with paint. Finger paint usually….

I’ve heard, a lot actually, about separating 2 ply toilet paper. Ever hear the saying “time is money”? The time it would take to separate toilet paper can be much better spent in other ways. Making money, cleaning or playing with the kids are all more valuable than however much money I’d save by separating my toilet paper. Not to mention I buy 2 ply for a reason…there are four kids in this house. That job would probably be pretty boring too.

Everyone knows that a full fridge or freezer consumes less power. I’ve heard of keeping jugs of water/ice in the freezer and I can go along with that one. The one that I can’t go along with though is keeping old (even moldy, rotting, or sour) food in the fridge. Not to mention what it would do to the storage containers. Replacing those would be more expensive than the total power savings too. Btw, if anyone I know adopts this practice, I am never eating at your house again and I will not be there when dishes are to be done, even if I’m not washing them. Don’t open your fridge either….I couldn’t handle the smell, especially knowing it’s “food”.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. This is a great practice. There are some places that this doesn’t apply though. I have heard of rinsing and reusing condoms. This strikes me as a “DUH” move. Condoms are NOT meant to be reused and you cannot sterilize them. Any hope of disease prevention is gone once that sucker has been used. The latex can’t take it either so micropores can form. Semen you can see…sperm you cannot. Count that condom out for pregnancy prevention too.

I know most of the people who will read this are parents, which means your house probably has 50 gagillion (preferably rechargeable) batteries. Did you know that you don’t need power or even a charger to give those batteries new life? Simply pee on them! Human urine contains all the elements necessary to chemically charge batteries. Pee on them, let them soak for awhile, and they’re good to go back in the little one’s vibrating teether! What? You DON’T want your urine batteries near the little one’s mouth? Why not?

I apologize in advance for this one, but gotta bring it up. Companies producing feminine hygiene products bring in millions of dollars (gross) every year. And, ladies, you pay for that! These companies are making money every time you menstruate! Why not get reusable pads/pantyliners so that you only need to buy them every eight (yes, 8) years or so? You could always make your own too if you really NEVER want to pay for them. They’re called SANITARY napkins for a reason….

I use a cloth to wash my dishes for the most part. That way they can be washed/sanitized and reused. We all know, though, that sometimes the gentleness of a cloth is not enough, it needs a scrubber. Why pay the dollar for three scubbers when you can make your own? Just save all your (and your family’s) fingernail clippings and you can make your own scrubbers. Nevermind the fact that they break, become soft in water, or are just gross, it’ll save you a few bucks!

Like I said, I’m always up for saving money. There are some things I just won’t do though. My time, health, family and sanity are more important than money. What ludicrous money saving ideas have you encountered? Ever think of trying them?

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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5 Responses to Saving Money….NOT!!!

  1. Krisstah says:

    i tried to mentally picture me squatting over a battery to charge it.. LOL

  2. I almost stopped reading at the “recharge with urine part”. Not because the post wasn’t good, it’s great, but because my mind went into thinking…”Wow! Seriously…I Have to try this.” btw…I HAVE TO TRY THAT. Sounds awesome. Charging batteries with urine.
    Oh and great post.
    will have to keep the batteries away from the children though. lol!

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