Changes in the Races

I will start out with a quick shout out, then go back to my regularly scheduled post. Today I received an award nomination from my very first follower. I was nominated for the Liebster Blogger Award. I would like to give a big thanks to Mandi at for her nomination. Unfortunately, I do not qualify for this award, but I wanted to say thanks anyways. Congratulations to Mandi on her first blogging award though! Check her blog out for her own random, insightful thoughts as she treks through her day-to-day life, right now preparing for the Bluenose Marathon in May.

I’ve had a lazy day today, so my daily post contains some thoughts and ideas brought forward from yesterday’s race.

If you read my last post ( ) you know we had our first race of the season yesterday and the turnout was mind blowing. The huge number of runners has changed the way we do some things.
Every race, my mom brings along her tent for team use. We store everyone’s supplies (snacks, water, changes of clothes, bags, coolers, etc) in the tent and it gives a place for those from our school to gather. It is also used as a place to change. With more runners this year, we had to put a “no hanging out in the tent” rule in place. There is no way to store stuff for 70 runners in the ten man tent and to also have them (and their parents) in there too.
The purpose of the Doctor’s Nova Scotia Youth Running Series is to get as many kids as possible to run. To encourage this there is a school/team challenge. The group with the highest participation number at the end of the season wins money for their athletic program. We have won for the last two years and are working on a third.
The last few races last year, we noticed that the “official” count of our students was not accurate. We decided to start taking attendance. We have been doing this by simply writing down the names of “our” kids as we see them, but this year we will have to get something more organized set up. When comparing lists (the coach and a couple of parents, including myself, keep lists to ensure no kids are missed) it takes FOREVER to match them up without some kind of organization to the lists.
The official numbers are no longer being announced per race either. We have to check the website for posted results and email discrepancies. An organized list will make these emails easier to write as well. Starting with the next race, we will have attendance sheets. In alphabetical order.
We will also need to figure out a decent system for drives. While we had a REALLY good turnout, I would bet it would be even better if we have a transportation system in place. I think I will try to talk to the coach tomorrow and see if we can get some sort of drive sign up set up for the next race (May 13). Where this isn’t technically a school event, the normal transportation rules don’t apply, so there will need to be a waiver involved if the signup is at school too.
We had a strong start, so now we need to work on keeping it going. The race results have not been posted for confirmation yet, but we will keep checking. 2012/2013 should be our best year yet!

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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2 Responses to Changes in the Races

  1. Awesome Idea to have a list that we can just check names off on or add to if necessary! (Oh and just so you know, this is actually our 4th year taking Part in YRS. The first year we place 5th, the second year we tied for second and Last year we were First as you know!)

    • The J85 says:

      I thought we were first the year before too….my bad! It was “the coach’s” idea to do the attendance list…I can’t take credit for that one.

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