Sitting? Eating? I Don’t Understand…

Today I had another long day. Preparations are in full swing for the school’s spring fundraiser and, of course, I am right in the middle of everything. This means spending all day at school with no chance to sit, eat, or breathe.
Today was one of those days. We left for school (a block away) at 7:50 am and arrived home at 4:20ish pm. In that time, I had a cup of tea (one of the lovely ladies made a Tim’s run this morning!) and 2 girl guide cookies. And I forgot to pull meat from the freezer for supper. I was starving and had to pull a quick supper tonight.
I threw together a mac and cheese, tossed in some ham and broccoli so I could call it a complete meal and served it up. Before I could eat though, I needed to do some dishes (there were enough bowls for the kids, but I needed one for myself). Then the floor needed to be swept and spot cleaned because if you feed kids anything that could possibly go “spalt”, it will. I ended up starting my supper about 30 minutes after the kids finished.
Less than ten minutes after I sat down (for the first time since around 7am) the kids decided that I didn’t have enough to do. They had already done their homework (they WERE stuck at the school for an hour after dismissal) so they had moved on to video game time. This was probably not the best idea today.
L was cranky: he had been hateful because I “made him work ALL day”. He decided that he would take on role of disciplinarian too. Two things were wrong with this: #1 Cranky is not an option. If you’re in a rotten mood, read a book, sit at the table, turn your back on everyone else, but DO NOT snap at others. They don’t deserve it. #2 It is NOT L’s job to discipline ANYONE! Especially if the punishment is anything more than a “no”. I spent most of my evening disciplining L for trying to discipline the others.
T and lil miss decided they were going to play a “baby talk” game. This meant that they would be trying to have conversations using abbreviated sentences and words that were not completely formed. This is a HUGE no-no in my house. I do not agree with baby talk, I have never used baby talk, my children have never been spoken to in baby talk, and it is well known that baby talk is almost as unacceptable as cursing in my home. We are also trying to get lil Mr to speak properly (he, unfortunately, has been exposed to baby talk through the other side of the family and family friends) and I know we will have no hope of reaching this goal if he is constantly hearing the older children speak the way we are telling him not to.
And of course, not wanting to be left out, lil Mr decided he had to do something to get my attention as well. He decided that dumping toy boxes and hitting lil miss were the best ways to make sure I stayed busy. Tears, time outs, and “helping” clean up toys were added to my list as well. Busy is one word for what I was during that time…
I ended up scarfing some supper but, now that the kids are gone to bed and the supper is all gone, I am realizing that I am still hungry. The kids had me so frazzled earlier that I didn’t even realize that I was still hungry before the house became quiet (not that I would’ve had a chance to eat earlier). Now I am left wondering if I should try to eat something before I head to bed…with all the exercise I have been getting lately, it’s not like eating before bed can make me gain any weight anyways. 😀

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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