Cute Stories #5: Mom Eyes

My mom used to tell me these cute little stories when I was growing up and before my own children were old enough to speak. These seemed like cute little things that she just HAD to be making up. She also told me what she called the “mother’s curse” which I also believed had to be just another story. Well, all I can say now, 9 years after my first child was born, is LISTEN TO THE STORIES YOUR MOTHER TELLS YOU! These stories probably aren’t made up, and mom isn’t telling them to you as a joke…it’s real!

Story #5:
Mom eyes. When we were little, playing in the same room as Mom was not always an option. Mom would be in the kitchen washing dishes or cooking supper and we would be playing elsewhere, because, obviously, playing in the kitchen was forbidden. The same thing is true with my kids now. I don’t care if there are 2, 3, or 30 kids, you NEVER play in the kitchen (or bathroom). We usually ended up in the living room.
Like any other children they (we) have tested the limits. If Mom’s not in the room we could…(whatever you would never even think of doing with Mom’s keen eye watching). This requires prep, planning, communication, and, of course, the youngest child to play lookout.
We had tried this many times without success. It didn’t matter what we were trying to do, we never reached our goal.
Strategies changed. Planning sessions were held the night before the attempt in the girls’ bedroom. Maybe Mom overheard us talking and that’s how we got caught. We would have to be more quiet. We still got caught.
Failures were then blamed on the lookout as they should’ve foreseen us getting caught, after all, WE weren’t doing anything to let Mom in on what was going on. The lookout became a rotating position. This led to discussions as to who “had” to go next. We got caught even faster.
After many, MANY failed plans we asked Mom how she knew we were up to something. Her answer was simple. “I see you.” Wha?…how…? “I have ‘Mom eyes’.”
This led to a discussion as to what, exactly, “Mom eyes” are. Mom eyes can see what their kids are doing, especially if they are doing something wrong. Mom eyes can see through walls and around corners. Every Mom has them, some just work better than others. Mom eyes also allow Moms to see you rolling your eyes behind their backs.
Now that I’m a mom, I have figured out how this works. Obviously concealed, whispered conversations? The kids are up to something. The youngest constantly poking his head in to “see how it’s going”? The kids are up to something. Total quiet from two or more kids? Well, you get the picture.
As for seeing the eye roll behind you back? If you were X years old, would you roll your eyes at what Mom just said? They will too.
It also really helped my mom that our dining room had a patio and the doors reflected whatever us kids were doing, for her total viewing pleasure (or not), into the kitchen… 😀

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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13 Responses to Cute Stories #5: Mom Eyes

  1. Momma Margi says:

    HAHAHA This is great! Totally remember sending my little brother to be the lookout! My mom would tell us she had eyes in the back of her head, and we couldn’t see them because her curly hair covered them up, but they could still see through her hair. We were amazed.. 🙂

    • The J85 says:

      My mom started with “eyes in the back of her head” but that quickly evolved into mom eyes when it didn’t cover why she knew we were up to something when she was in a different room!

      • Momma Margi says:

        I guess the eyes on the back of mom’s head can also see through walls…

      • The J85 says:

        My mom got us to raise a hand in the air while we were in a different room. She would find an excuse to have us leave it up for at least a minute. After the minute was up she would let us know she was coming to tell us which hand it was (so we would put the hand down). She would come in and look at each hand and get it right every time. This proved to us that she COULD see through walls. Until last night I didn’t remember this and didn’t know how she’d done it. The hand that was up would always be paler (due to reduced blood flow).

  2. Haha! I was about to ask about reflective surfaces!

    • The J85 says:

      I thought that bit of info would be a good way to wrap it up…that’s the kind of thing I think of while I’m reading a post and than forget about by the end. 😛

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