Primary Practices

I’m sitting here watching TV before bed (it’s Grey’s night), with not a whole lot that I feel like writing about. No real reason for the lack of enthusiasm tonight…I just feel kind of blah. Maybe having a day off just wore me out for some reason.
There was no work for me today because it’s parent/teacher day. This means no fast food job because of early pick up and no school job because not a whole lot happens on half days. You’d think this would mean I got a whole lot of stuff at home caught up on. Not so much. Meh…housework will wait.
Parent/teacher interviews were good, not really any surprises. Lil miss got a glowing report. T and L have some things that need to be worked on, but I already knew that. What was really odd was that T and L have been speaking a lot of English at school (they’re in French immersion) for the last two or three weeks.
The weirdest thing about hearing about their use of English was the way it came up. You would swear the teachers read it from a script. I heard it from L’s teacher first, “I did want to let you know about something a little odd though. L has been using a lot of English for the last two or three weeks.” Twenty minutes later, sitting with T’s teacher, I heard, “I wanted to let you know about something a little odd though. T has been using a lot of English for the last two or three weeks.”
Huh! I felt like I was being conspired against. I didn’t think it was the teachers, they just both happen to talk the same way and my boys are so similar that it wasn’t weird to hear both teachers say “something a little odd” in reference to the same issue. I felt like my boys were conspiring.
The boys conspiring to use English at school won’t get them anywhere though. I used to do an hour of “French time” every night back when they first started school. This sudden lapse in language use has made me decide to bring this back into practice. Obviously the random flipping back and forth between languages that we have been doing for the last couple years aren’t keeping them in the French groove.
Now we are turning back time and reverting to a practice we put into place when they were primary students. 5pm-6pm has just morphed back into French time. Half an hour of this is over dinner time, so conversations will definitely be happening during this time. Hopefully this will bring the French back into front and centre. I just hate the fact that I have to put this type of thing back into place. The boys know better.

Bonne journée!

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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