T’s Day

I learned last night that if I say I don’t feel like writing from the get-go, it has a huge negative impact on my number of views. I guess I should have known that anyway. Therefore, from now on, when I don’t know what to write or don’t feel like writing, I will just ramble until it seems like it’s a post. I have whole conversations this way anyways, and I try to write like I speak, so it makes sense to apply that technique to my blog.
Today was a pretty special day for T. I’m not going to get into reasons as to why, but just believe me when I say it was. T spent the whole day with me and we had a pretty good time. We went out for breakfast, ran some errands, and just had an unhurried day. He got to choose supper and an evening family activity.
For supper, he surprised me. He picked sausage (no surprise there, it’s his favorite meat….actually the only fatty meat the boys would consider even attempting to eat), baked potatoes, and salad. Don’t get me wrong, my boys LOVE their veggies, they just don’t like them all together in a salad. This just seemed like a really grown up meal for a seven year old.
For an evening activity, it came as no surprise. T chose his favourite outing. We headed to the theatre.
I had actually originally forgotten that bussing was an option. With the strike by Halifax Metro Transit a while ago, the boys and I had gotten used to walking everywhere. On the way out the door I remembered the busses.
We ended up catching a direct route to the theatre (actually really rare from where we are) and got to the business park early. This meant I had three options to keep the boys busy until show time: let them run around outside, though it was windy, chilly and the whole area was paved OR spend a fortune on tokens for the arcade at the theatre OR head into a store to browse until reasonably close to the show time. Obviously we chose option three. We headed into Chapters. After browsing for awhile and meeting up with a few friends from school, the boys found some books they wanted to pick up. I limited them to one book each. L got the next book in one of his series’ and T picked up a new (French) storybook. My bank account balance down a whole $17, my boys were even more excited with the outing.
The movie picked by T tonight was The Pirates! Band of Misfits. The kids absolutely loved it. I found it a little dryer than I was expecting, but the kids were happy. That’s all that matters in the end anyways.
The wait for the bus after was ridiculous, so we headed out on foot. We stopped by Grammy’s house for tea and hot chocolate on the way. Close to 10pm we were headed home, but not without the boys trying to “talk” me into a sleepover.
The boys came in the door tired and cranky. I managed to get them to brush their teeth without too much fuss, but getting to bed was another story. They argued and fought the entire way. Once the battle was over, though, they passed right out.
Now that this is done, I’m on my way too. Have a good night/day everyone! Thanks for listening to me ramble….

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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4 Responses to T’s Day

  1. Chris Hall says:

    I guess I have it a little easier when I do not have a topic. Since my blog relies on photos of Jaydon I usually just take a photo I have not used and post it with an interesting or funny caption.

    • The J85 says:

      I don’t like posting a whole lot of pics on here because most of my pics are with more than just my boys in them. I don’t like the idea of randomly posting pics of other people’s children…it feels intrusive.

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