Being the Worst Person Ever

Well, after T’s day and a late night to bed, the boys were cranky today. I decided to do a quiet indoors day. Boy, was that the wrong move!
Last night, even with the late night to bed, the boys had trouble sleeping. They were doing 1 am bathroom runs, getting up for a drink of water, etc. What really put a cherry on this poop pie though was when I woke at 4 am because it was too quiet. No snoring from the next room but no audible signs anyone was up either. I crept from my room to figure out what was up.
Sure enough, the living room light was on. The boys were in the living room, wrapped in their blankets watching cartoons! With many tears and arguments, I chased them back to bed. They didn’t go back to sleep right away, but, let me tell you, I did. This time I left my bedroom door wide open so they couldn’t sneak by (which they didn’t actually try for the rest of the night).
The real issues started this morning (around 6:45) though. All day, Lil miss was whining and complaining that the boys were looking at her wrong, lil Mr was hitting and snarling at everyone, T kept complaining that he was bored and L thought they should all play a game that he made up with rules that changed every 10 seconds. L neglected to inform the others of the rule changes but still expected the others to abide by them. This caused a whole new realm of arguments. Everything said today that was necessary to listen to/react to (meaning everything I said of course) had to be repeated a minimum of three times. Everybody was getting on each others last nerves, including mine.
Just before noon I’d had enough. I rallied the troops and we headed out for a walk. It was cold…really cold. Somehow this resulted in me being the worst person ever and the only one that would even talk to me by the time we got back was lil Mr. I’m sure him still talking to me can be attributed to the fact he doesn’t know what the silent treatment is and he wouldn’t be able to stay quiet that long.
After lunch (leftovers) lil miss got ready for dance and the boys went to play in the bedroom. Before I had even gotten lil miss’s hair up, I heard crash, crash, crash. Three overturned toy containers…yay! Trying to get some dishes done so that I would have something that looked (kind of) like a kitchen before dinner time, I let the toys slide for a while.
Grandpa picked up lil miss and it was down to me and the three boys. I put lil Mr down for a nap and set the other two to work. There was a backlog of chores that had been neglected all week. This of course made me kid enemy #1 again.
Lil miss came back from her dance lesson around 4:30. Grandpa bought her one of those sugar-filled milkshake things and a carton of chocolate milk for the boys. Supper was spaghetti by L’s request tonight (the kid who hates spaghetti). I added leftover red peppers and button mushrooms from the salad last night to the sauce. The only one who actually ate it was L.
After supper there were kids playing outside, so my four wanted to go too. Seeing the way being inside today turned out, I gave in. My head needed the kids to burn off some of their crankyness.
At 7:30, I was, once again, the worst person in the world when I insisted they come back indoors (though it helped that all mom’s seemed to think this was a good time to come in). The kids were muddy, full of blades of grass and wet anywhere they had hit the ground. They still had tons of energy though.
Once the kids were cleaned up and into jammies, I figured if I had been such a bad guy all day, I might as well keep it up. I sent the kids to clean up those toys. It took over an hour as they kept stopping to play and I refused to pick the toys up for them.
A little after 8:30 my sister came to pick up her two little monsters. This created more fights as they know bedtime snacks are not done if supper hasn’t been eaten. Lil miss and lil Mr beelined for the table to shovel in the food. My sister had a long day at work, chores that needed to be done tonight at home and has to work early again tomorrow…she just wanted to go home. I packed the suppers “to go” and we sent them to get their gear on. Keeping my “bad” role, I made the kids put their own stuff on, which they are both perfectly capable of doing. When lil Mr asked for help with his zipper, he asked his mom by saying “mom, my zipper”. Meany that I am, I insisted he use a full sentence (this is something we have been trying to teach him for about a month…he is too old to be asking for things in 2-3 word sentences now) before any help would be given.
So today I was the bad guy. I still don’t have a real kitchen but the kids all played outside, got cleaned up, ate all their supper, cleaned the toys and crashed into bed. Why are weekends never calmer/more pleasant than weekdays with kids?

Tomorrow (if I find the kitchen) I will attempt to bake muffins, get outside for at least 90 mins, do an activity, and be the good guy. They biggest challenge in all that? 5 am (when lil miss and lil Mr are due tomorrow) is pretty darn early….

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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