My Mom Horror Stories #1

I’m beginning to have to search my brain for more Cute Stories, so I figured the next logical step would be the horror stories. These are things that my mother could never have prepared me for, either because they weren’t something encountered on her (extensive) Mom journey or simply because they are not things you can prepare for. I am still working on a couple of Cute Stories to come out soon, but I would like to throw something else into that mix. Hopefully they will be at least as well received as the things my mom DID warn me about.

When L was little, feeding him was always a big chore. He had to have a very specific diet due to three different medical conditions (two of which he has, thankfully, outgrown). Due to this specific diet and one of his conditions, he always seemed to be hungry. That didn’t mean he necessarily was.
Being the first grandchild, L was a little (okay, a lot) spoiled by his Bampy (grandfather). Bampy always did his best to make sure absolutely everything was great in L’s world. Rides in the truck, going to watch the logging equipment at work, silly games, you name it, Bampy would make it happen.
One day, when we were toying around with the idea that maybe L was ready for real (chewing required) food, Bampy came for a visit. It was just before nap time and just after feeding time, and L was cranky. He was acting hungry, but there is no way he actually was.
Bampy had stopped at Tim Horton’s for his own snack before popping in to see us. He had picked up a strawberry tart. This was back in the beginning of the strawberry tarts at Tim Horton’s, when one tart was so huge that two (fully grown) people had to work at it to finish it. These things came in 20-pack timbit boxes.
For those of you who don’t know what a Tim Horton’s strawberry tart is, let me tell you: it’s sugar, sugar and sugar. The tart is a sweeter than usual pie crust. It is filled with custard. Two (large) strawberries are tented over the custard. It is then coated with a thick strawberry syrup.
As I was readying L’s crib for his nap, Bampy decided to “share” his tart. He fed L the whole thing! L, being about 8 mos old and having his first real food, thought this was great….while eating it.
I came back into the kitchen to see a sticky, syrup covered, smiling baby…for about 20 seconds. The next thing I saw was a pink geyser. It looked like a science fair project gone wrong.
L was slightly upset over the whole thing, but once it was over, his reaction was truly surprising. He turned to Bampy and said “mawr?” (more?) Ay-yi-yoi.
The moral of this story? Don’t tell Bampy you’re planning on starting real food…and if you do? Don’t leave him alone with the baby and (large) sugary snacks!

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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