Back to Regularly Scheduled Blogging…

After my little rant about my recent stats earlier today ( Hello? HELLO??), I figure I still owe a “real” post. Today I had a taste of my pre-fundraiser crunch life. As I said yesterday, we actually completed our daily to-do list.
Yesterday we also got ahead. With three days until the big event, donations are sorted, prizes are packaged, everything is listed on the school website and teachers are pressuring parents to put in time. Most of the rooms have their volunteer spaces filled, concessions and attractions are booked, people are coming in every day to ask what they can do to help and what time to show up on Saturday to help set up. I think we’re ready!
Today I got to have a “normal” morning. My kids got to go to school at the regular time rather than go to the early drop off program. I got to go for coffee with my sister, best friend and lil Mr (the coffee trip is a story in itself, but I have a “thing”about speaking ill of the company I work for, especially if it will be obvious which company I’m talking about…). Once coffee was over, lil Mr and I got to come back to my place, him, for a nap, and me, to do some tidying.
I went in to school late this morning for my shift. There were issues in each group (P-2 & 3-6), but it was nothing out of the ordinary. I didn’t feel as frustrated by these issues as I normally do, maybe this is a side-effect of the change from go-go-go life to a regular pace.
After lunch, lil Mr didn’t want to come back to the house. He’s not used to being here without the older kids anymore so I guess I should have anticipated that. We went to run last minute fundraiser errands (things that are usually done the day before). I called the “lady in charge” to get & give info about these details and she was at the school, so we headed back.
This afternoon we took care of “morning of” jobs. I also “volun-told” some volunteer slots to family members. We left the school at 3:15…a two week record!
I forgot to pull something this morning for tonight’s supper so I figured we would celebrate the almost-there of the fundraiser and order in. Bellies full of Swiss Chalet chicken, we are all feeling satisfied with our day. If this is a forerunner of post-fundraiser times, bring it on! I prefer busy evenings with the kids to busy mornings anyways.
Crossing our fingers and doing a raindance for Saturday. Rain brings in extra visitors and extra volunteers……. (*Jules twirls out the right side of your screen on tiptoes*….)

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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