Hello? HELLO??

*Taps on the imaginary mic* Hello? Can anyone hear me? Is this thing broken?? Is anyone even there???
I’m not exactly sure what’s going on. Over the last couple days my followers have increased and my views have decreased. My page views have been halved and more than half the ones that have been viewed have just been the homepage. :S
Where have the followers come from? Where have the readers gone? Am I talking to myself again? What HAPPENED?
I’m getting notifications of “likes” on posts that haven’t been viewed in days. How do people “like” the post if they haven’t looked at it? How did they even FIND it?
I’ll admit, I’m still kind of new to this blogging thing. I’ve been here less than two months, but I don’t think I’ve “liked” any posts I didn’t read. I liked most of the ones that I have read though.
My stats since Friday have gotten me wondering though. Is everyone on vacation? Gone somewhere warmer ’til summer begins? Are there that many others wrapped up in fundraisers like I am? Am I boring everyone? Or is everyone just playing outside?

Leave a comment to let me know you were here. Or tell me what you want to hear about. I feel all alone. 😦 Is anyone there???

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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11 Responses to Hello? HELLO??

  1. Momma Margi says:

    Im HERE!!! 😉 I was on vacation over the weekend and did a bit of neglecting to the blog world. I get email notifications when a Blog I follow posts something new.. if I don’t get to reading it right away, I save it for when im bored, then go Blog crazy and read and view blogs for hours! (okay, maybe like 30 minutes..)

  2. The J85 says:

    Yay! I’m not alone!!! I have Momma to keep me company! I do the same thing…save the emails then go blog crazy. I always end up doing it daily after the kids go to bed though…all those waiting emails make me antsy! 🙂 By the way Momma, I missed you! Hope you had a great vacation!

  3. I’m glad you brought this up because I’ve had the same experience! My FOLLOWS are increasing steadily, however, my page views have gone down in the last week. I’d like to blame it on the weather getting better (people getting away from their computers more), but the weather has been so screwy all over the country, that I don’t think that’s it. Maybe WordPress is having issues? Can a blogsite get “depressed”?

  4. The J85 says:

    Must be WordPress…I know your readers can’t have abandoned you! I haven’t. Well, at least now I can blame it on the site! I feel better now! Thanks Stacy! 😀

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  6. Chris Hall says:

    Before becoming a stay-at-home dad I was the social media editor of the local paper.

    There are several reasons why you or anyone who blogs get strange stats on the number of people reading, liking and visiting your blog.
    First, this past weekend I think WordPress had a problem because not only did I end up with a max of 7 page views for Saturday and 12 for Sunday but no one seemed to be posting any blogs. Also in general for some reason blogs seem to get the least amount of page views on Saturdays, with Wednesday and Sunday have the most.
    Second, Do you add “Tags” to your posts? Tags are words that identify and describe your topic. It helps Google find and list your blog when people search with those words.
    Are you Facebooking and Tweeting your blog? Advertising is just as important. No one will visit if they are unaware your blog even exists. I understand you have followers on WordPress but only a handful of them will actually read every post. Simply because the topic was uninteresting to them or they do not have time today. I am following 52 blogs and I cannot read them all every day so I pick topics I find interesting for that day.

    I hope this helps. It took me a couple of months to build an audience. If you have any questions please let me know.

    • The J85 says:

      Oh, I understand all that. The thing was that there was such a drastic change and it didn’t make sense to me. Getting more “likes” than page views (especially when more than half the page views are the homepage) didn’t add up. Gaining followers without any sign that what I wrote has been read made no sense either. My post wasn’t 100% serious, I was honestly just checking to see if anyone else noticed issues.

  7. I’m here also. 🙂 And I also think something might be up with WordPress. In the past week or so my views have been down significantly, and on two or three days I had more likes/comments than I had views, which obviously makes no sense.

    So don’t worry! You’re not talking to yourself! 😀

    • The J85 says:

      That’s it…it has been decided! WordPress is sick. We hope it gets better soon, as it seems the stats headache is contagious. Get better soon WordPress! You’re making us all crazy! (Hey, I just said that!) No you didn’t! (Yes I did!)

      They say talking to yourself is either a sign you’re crazy or you have money in the bank…my payday isn’t until tomorrow! 😉

  8. I also think some folks hit the “Like” on the Read My Blogs page vs actually going to read it. I’m like you, I only “Like” what I read….

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