Run, Run, Run,..

As fast as you can! You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man. Well, no, obviously not really. If I was, there would be some major issues right now. For one thing, gingerbread people aren’t supposed to talk, write, or blog.
We arrived at school at 8 this morning and began moving non-stop. Not only did I have my regular hour long shift today, I was with a group I had only been with once before and had TONS of prep work to do for the big fundraiser tomorrow. Today was set up day. If I was a gingerbread person, I would not have survived today.
My day was spent running (not literally, there’s no running in the halls!) from one end of the school to another. Most of this running also involved carrying something from point A to point B, getting something at point B and taking it to point C, then taking something from point C to point A to start all over again. A gingerbread person’s arms would probably detach at the shoulders doing that.
One of my “A to B” runs involved taking such a huge load of STUFF that I needed to use one of the school’s (empty) AV trolleys. Once it was all loaded up, off I headed down the hall to the drop off point.
Our school is really old and has grown over the years. It was originally two different buildings and has had a third building built between the two to connect the original structures. This results in a lot of fire doors, sometimes halfway down a hallway. I was going from one of the original structures to the “in between” one.
On my way down the hall, T caught up with me. We were walking along chatting as we came upon one of the sets of fire doors. I checked my wheel clearance, all good, and continued chatting with T as I went through the left side and he through the right. When checking the clearance, I neglected to account for the push bar on the propped open door. This gingerbread person just lost her left hand (wait, weren’t the whole arms already gone? Someone must have super-icinged them back on…). Luckily the water fountain and T were both right there. As T ran to the office (just around the corner) for an ice pack, I ran my (totally numb anyway) dented left hand under the cold fountain water. My left hand has been useless for precision gripping ever since. By the way, I’m a southpaw.
As if all this wasn’t eventful enough, it was SUPER hot in the school today. Even the teachers complained of the heat, so it wasn’t just the running around that was making me warm. If I was a gingerbread person in that heat today, my gumdrop buttons would have melted right off. “NO! Not the gumdrop buttons!”….yes, I watch Shrek way too much…four kids every day, remember?
Have you ever taken a gingerbread cookie and rubbed it back and forth (even on a smooth surface) over and over? Okay, probably not. If you had though, you would observe the cookie wearing away. If you do this with the gingerbread man standing up on his feet, eventually he won’t have feet or legs anymore, just stubs. Imagine 12 hours of this feet wearing away exercise. It looks like my feet and legs are still there, but I won’t be sure of their non-stubness until I can really feel them again. When I can, it will probably be painful though.
It probably sounds a lot like I’m complaining about the work I have done, but I honestly don’t resent it. It is a great cause and I really feel like I have accomplished something. I am sore and tired, but tomorrow will be a great success and it’s awesome to know I put so much into that. I am looking forward to tomorrow, but I think I’m looking forward to next week more. By that time, the monies will be all in and counted, things will be (at least kinda) put away, no more prep or donation requests will have to be done, and I may gain an hour or two a day for housework.
I may not post for a couple of days (but you never know!). Tomorrow is the fundraiser/clean up and I plan on spending Sunday comatose.

By the way, the inspiration for today’s title and comparison topic came from T and lil Mr. T began singing those two lines over and over on the way home to encourage lil Mr to keep walking. Lil Mr skipped his nap today, but the song worked!

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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2 Responses to Run, Run, Run,..

  1. The thought of Gingerbread Man stubs instead of feet made me LOL. Great post. I can totally relate. Who ever said public school is “free” never volunteered to be a “room parent”. Sounds easy until you do it.

    • The J85 says:

      Some days I wish I was a room parent…lol. I am PTA VP so EVERY room is my room.
      I would also like to say that I take it as a huge compliment that I could make a professional comedian “LOL”!!

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