Fires and My Trip to the ER

So, here I am! Granted, a little later than usual (I’ll get into that more later…), but I’m here, which is more than I was planning for.
Today was GREAT! Not only was there an awesome turnout, the weather and volunteers were amazing! The sun was shining, bouncy castles got to be set up outdoors. Cleanup was just the mess that was made, not mud, water and junk. All stations were manned.
People were spending their money and were happy about it. Our initial count (end of day, with monies still owed and owing) showed a larger income than previous years. A lot of the money is pure profit too!
I fully expected to go into today and face 1001 “fires” and “emergencies” that had to be dealt with all at once, all day long. This is how I remember it from previous years. That was not the case today though. With an endless stream of volunteers, most problems were dealt with before they occurred. There were the constant questions, but I had the answers. Sure, some people manned their station for the entire three hours, but it was manageable and there were always at least two volunteers going around offering help and/or breaks.
We got lots of positive feedback with minimal negative opinions. Sure, there are things we can do better. I have a list for next year. We never said it would be perfect. We learn each year.
Cleanup took no time at all. The number of people willing to stay and help was staggering. We were done packing things up about two hours after it was all over! WAY earlier than I expected. We still have auction items to be paid for/picked up, but fewer than I expected.
By now you’re probably wondering, if the day was so great and we got done so much faster than I imagined, why am I posting so late? Truth is, I just got back from the emergency room.
Silent auction wrap up, raffle draws, 50/50 draws and the beginning of station shut down is a hectic, all hands on deck time. Just as we were entering this crazy period, L had an asthma attack. Though I told him to bring his inhaler, he didn’t. It was time to call Supergrammy! She flew down (from the 2nd floor of the school) to L’s (and honestly, my) rescue!
I needed to grab my keys so that L’s inhaler could be retrieved. I raced to the canteen (staff room), slid under the canteen table set up in the doorway, grabbed my keys and raced back to L with them.
Grammy got L the puffer on time. The emergency trip was not for him. His asthma attack was to be expected (allergy season, crowded building, excitement, perfume, cologne, etc). Not unusual or out of the realm of life with an asthmatic, no need to rush to the children’s hospital.
I was the one (and still am) wearing that plastic wristband tonight. When I slid under that table, I landed at the wrong angle and hard on my right wrist. Swelling started right away, but I had a fundraiser that needed my attention. I worked wounded, once again, with the help of….dah, dah, da da! Supergrammy!! who had a right handed wrist brace with her. I stayed until the end of cleanup and headed for supper (Grammy again…I refused to cook today). After supper, my wrist was really still bothering me so we went to get it checked out.
Triage, registration, waiting, getting seen by a nurse and a doctor, and x-rays took about an hour. This was surprisingly fast for a Saturday night. As I waited for the doc’s return, I realized next Saturday is the day we’re starting to get rid of the crap plants around the school. We’ll be planting new ones before school ends. Please no cast, please no cast, please no cast….shoveling and hauling old, no good plants and soil is not easy as it is, imagine it with a cast!
Long story short? Good day, bruised and swollen (but not broken) wrist, no cast, I probably WON’T be comatose tomorrow, and I’m falling asleep writing. Thanks for reading, I should be here tomorrow too!

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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2 Responses to Fires and My Trip to the ER

  1. Moms cannot afford to be sick or get hurt. Glad your wrist wasn’t broken!

    • The J85 says:

      It’s actually kind of funny that you say that because at the hospital registration desk last night, the information on my hospital file was from T’s birth. I had to update the 7 1/2 year old information before getting my X-ray! I don’t visit a doctor/hospital very much for myself…

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