Big Plans

Tonight I am trying out this totally revolutionary, world changing, life altering, big idea. This is something I know I have tried before but things have happened in my life that I haven’t been able to do this again until now. With all my life’s craziness for the last month or so, I didn’t even have the (clean) space to do this.
Lately our time actually at home has been just enough to eat, bathe and sleep. Sometimes not even that. This being the case, my housework to do pile has seriously grown. What has been done is the bare minimum. Dishes needed to eat supper, spot washes of the floor, laundry washed when there is nothing to wear, that kind of thing. Any cleaning that could be put off has been. Hence the no (clean) space for my big idea.
Today I slept in, though when I went to bed I honestly hadn’t intended to. My day started off with me walking from the hallway into the mess we have been living in lately. It was time to make up for all the put off work now that the fundraiser was over. We buckled down and got the house cleaned up with enough time left over to play outside before dinner.
The big, mind-blowing idea I have planned? Folding the laundry. I know, not really that new of a concept, but it has honestly been AGES since my home has seen this activity. Like I said earlier, anything that could have been put off, was.
First thing always put off? Cleaning my room…that is my space and the kids aren’t even allowed to so much as open the door without my express permission. Therefore, that chore can be put off for another day. Number two? Folding that laundry. Single moms working all day, every day and little boys don’t need to have the neatest, crispiest outfits, we can dig from the full baskets of clean laundry and go. So that’s what we’ve been doing.
With the extra sleep last night, a newly cleaned house, playtime outdoors, dinner and cleanup done, kids clean, ready for school tomorrow and put to bed, I still have energy tonight. I pushed back the coffee table, giving me lots of floor space in the living room. Now that getting the clothes folded is once again an option, it has to get done. Gone are the stresses of yesterday, back to the regular Mom groove today…. C’ya all tomorrow!

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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