Muffin Days

Thursdays are generally my favorite day of the week. For some reason, it’s the easiest day to get out of bed and I have more energy. This may be because I can see the weekend coming just around the corner. It could also be because I know I have a full day of muffin baking ahead of me.
Now, I am not the baking type. I don’t like dealing with the dry ingredients, especially flour. I find it gives me the “fingernails on a chalkboard” feeling. I’m not super fond of the mixing part either. It’s just the actual baking part I like. The smell in the air of those freshly baked muffins is heavenly.
At my (kid-free) job, the actual baking is all I have to do. The muffins are even pre-portioned and formed to drop into the muffin pans. The part I love is the only thing I have to do! Thursday means a constant flow of muffins going to and coming out of the oven. Five wonderful aromas to wind around me as I attend the other tasks of my day.
Today, as is normal for a Thursday, I woke high spirited and bubbling with positive energy. I was ready! Even my early wake up couldn’t phase me. Let’s DO this!
I headed into work, practically skipping. We had a new (to our store) closing manager in last night, so I made sure to check EVERYTHING. Nothing was going to get in the way of my great day and it’s up to me to do everything possible to keep it going.
The chairs weren’t put up last night, but the floors looked clean (actually even cleaner than usual), so that was actually a bonus! No taking down chairs for me. There were other stupid little things but it actually looked AWESOME for me to start the day. A quick check of the phone gave me more positive news, no sick calls! Thursdays ROCK!!
System opened, till in place, fridge temperatures checked, it was time to set up breakfast. Coffee brewing, bacon and eggs cooking, I turned around to bag the muffin for the regular 7:55 customer (we don’t technically open until 8). There were no muffins in the display. I made muffins yesterday between 12 and 2 to start the day today, maybe the new closer moved them. A quick search of our small store revealed the muffins I had lovingly baked yesterday in the compost bin. AHHHHH!
With breakfast ready, I grabbed the muffin trays and fired a round into the oven, making sure to get the morning muffin customer’s favorite in that first round. She would be disappointed, but would understand. She works in the same building so I knew she would come in later for it anyway.
My morning turned into a flurry of customers. It was even busier than usual and the fact that my regular morning customer hadn’t been in was pushed to the back of my mind. I was also trying to reach the other store as we didn’t have enough muffins to meet our demand, getting no answer when I called. My regular customer came in around 9, loving the fact that she received a still warm from the oven muffin today. She was running late this morning so the muffin situation worked itself out.
My day grew busier, things turned rough. I was late leaving work due to staff issues. Things were hard, I was stressed. Mom picked the kids up from school for me and we snacked at work. She made supper for us too. Bonus!
I ordered a comedy movie from eBay last week and it was waiting in the mailbox when I got home. The boys and I spent a quiet evening watching the movie than they headed off to bed. Thursday is also Grey’s night, so more good there. A couple FINALLY had a reunion that I have been waiting for forever. Yay!
My day was a roller coaster. There were big ups and even bigger downs. Looking back on the day though, I think it could have been a lot worse and I’m happy I can find so much good in it. Glad it was a Thursday!
I also realized tonight that I have to bake muffins at home on Saturday…and I have kids to help!

Happy Muffin Day!

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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