Arm in Arm

L and T have been looking forward to today all week. We were headed on a stupid little things shopping trip. Lil miss needed a pair of jammies for my house, L needed shin pads that fit him, and there were other little things for each of them that I figured we might as well get while we were out. Boy, did that ever NOT go as planned.
Today was a PD day for our school, so we had the day off. Our pseudo-Saturday started like any regular Saturday. We all stayed in our jammies. Mommy read while having the normal morning wake up tea. The boys got to watch cartoons once they had eaten breakfast. Lil miss and lil Mr came over and all four kids got to spend the morning playing. I did chores with four rotational “helpers”.
After lunch, lil Mr had his nap and the house settled for a bit of quiet time. I got to finish my book and L and lil miss got some reading of their own in. After quiet time, everyone finished getting dressed, socks for lil miss, shirt for L, clean pants for T, etc. Out the door we went.
We bussed to one of the two nearby Walmarts. The wait at the bus stop, the actual bus ride and the walk across the Walmart parking lot did not bode well for our trip. Lil miss and lil Mr were very well behaved and listened to my instructions and anything else I said. I wish I could say the same about L and T. As far as they were concerned, I might as well have not been there.
Even though L and T were not on their best behavior, I decided to continue on with the trip. Had it have been just the three of us, we would have been headed home before we had boarded the bus, but there were the other two to consider as well. Lil miss was excited to get “Jules’ house jammies”, and lil Mr was just happy to be shopping. Those two really deserved the trip, were behaving and I wasn’t going to take it away from them unless L and T brought it to the snapping point. They came really close.
While at Walmart, I ended up only getting the trip necessities. I got the heck out of the store as quickly as I could. There wasn’t even the opportunity for the kids to browse the toy section as they would usually be allowed to do. We got what we needed and left. It still ended up, somehow, being ten minutes until supper time when we got out of there.
I could have taken the kids home to feed them, but just imagining trying to cook with the boys revved so high exhausted me. We would eat out but they would have NO say in where we went. Lil miss got to choose as I knew lil Mr wouldn’t care.
Her first choice was Pizza Delight, not just pizza, it had to be Pizza Delight. The nearest Pizza Delight was approximately an hour away by bus. There was no way I was going to even attempt that, it would be easier to go home and cook than face an hour of the boys’ hyperness in the confines of a bus. In the end, she chose my favorite family restaurant, Steak and Stein.
On the way into the restaurant I gave the boys strict instructions on how I expected them to act. These instructions basically translated to “behave like I always expect you to behave in public.” I also may have mentioned something about rules being broken equalling waiting until we get home to eat peanut butter sandwiches. I made it clear I was DONE with their behavior.
We had a nice meal. My boys were back, I even received compliments on being able to keep four kids behaving during dinner by myself. I appreciate the compliments, but if they had misbehaved at that point, I believe I would have been escorted out of the restaurant because of MY behavior. Thank goodness they didn’t.
We all ate too much but everyone’s moods were drastically improved after the great meal. We waited the ten minutes for the bus right outside the restaurant and the boys began showing signs of impending misbehavior. Thankfully, the bus arrived before the signs developed into actual misbehaving. In order for us to get home, we were required to change busses. I dreaded finding out what the boys had in store for the layover.
When we got to the transfer point, I called the GO Time number for the stop. (GO Time is this great service where you call the number associated with your stop, enter your desired route number and it tells you how long the wait is.) 41 minutes. No way…we’d walk it. We needed the walk after that meal anyways.
As we were walking up the last hill on the way, the three older kids were playing a game where they had to support each other walking.

Kinda like this, except lil miss was the one on the left

It was sooo cute and I was going to take a picture, but every time I got my phone out of my pocket they “had” to break apart.
This was so cute, it made EVERYTHING about the day (even the misbehaving) totally worth the trip!

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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