Searching For Cute Stories About Mom?

Well, judging by the posts I have read recently and the new search engine searches that have led people to my blog over the past week (“cute stories about mom” and variations of this), apparently there is an unwritten rule that every “mommy” (and “daddy”) blog is required to make a Mother’s Day post. I guess I’ll give it a shot.
Honestly, I could go on and on about the little things I, along with every other PARENT, would wish for on such a “special occasion” (sleep, quiet, no bickering, etc), I don’t see much point. I wish for these things every day but I know it’s not going to happen. I am a mom. Sleep loss, noise and arguments are part of the job description.
Sure, the boys bring home crafts they have made in school every year. They are even thoughtful. I can tell they put effort into them. I really do appreciate that they do this for me. That doesn’t mean I feel it is something necessary just because someone decided the first Sunday in May is just for moms.
My boys make thoughtful crafts for me year round. They put effort into each and every one of them. They make them for my birthday, their birthday, Christmas, or just because it’s a Saturday. They’re all great and show me that they care, so the idea that it is necessary to give me a gift because of another day just kind of seems silly.
Sure, I am a mom and I have a mom, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I feel the need to celebrate my momness because someone said this is the day to do it. I know my boys appreciate all (most) of the things I do every time they offer to help or use their manners. I know my mom realizes the same with me. My boys tell me AT LEAST once a day that they love me. I tell my mom the same almost as often. My mom also knows that I mean that I love her when I make sarcastic comments during our conversations.
Mother’s Day gifts and wish lists are something I don’t really participate in. I buy stuff for Mom when I see something she’ll like. I don’t expect my boys to buy me anything, ever. I also don’t expect them to stop being who they are just because of the date. They are kids and I expect them to behave as such. By this time, if I didn’t expect them to act like who they are, I would be in trouble.
Tomorrow, Mother’s Day, will be spent doing something for the kids. Myself and a few hundred other moms (and dads) will be spending the day at a sports field for our second Youth Run of the season. My mom will be there with us. We are going to celebrate our momness by BEING moms.
So, tomorrow morning, while the other moms from the blogging world lay in bed trying to sleep in despite the noise and bickering on the other side of the door, I will be yelling and cheering (and probably losing my voice) while my kids act like children. Here’s to every day being Mother’s Day! 🙂

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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2 Responses to Searching For Cute Stories About Mom?

  1. You’re right. When you’re a mom everyday is Mothers Day. Now if they want to start something really different, Hallmark ought to institute a holiday called Spa Day. Now we’re talking!

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