Just Stop Talking About It!

Okay, that’s it! It’s over. I don’t want to hear another thing about it. It is behind us, it’s finished.
What am I talking about? Mother’s Day of course. I’ve had it with the ads telling us what Mom really needs this year. I don’t want to hear any more “what did you get?”s.
My boys excitedly wished me happy mother’s day this morning. They tried to be on their best behavior and, for the most part, they succeeded. I didn’t sleep in, the was a lot of noise and they did bicker, even argue. I didn’t expect any different.
I spent the day with my mom, my dad, the kids, and hundreds of people, some I knew before today, some I didn’t. I wished my mom a happy mother’s day, thanked her for coming with us, and treated the day like any other weekend day for the recent past and foreseeable future. My mom did the same. There is too much to do and too many kids to tend to for us to even TRY to take a day off. And why would we want to?
I got up this morning and shooed the kids back to their bedroom to get dressed. I flicked the kettle on for my morning tea and set to work before it even started to heat up. There were snacks, water bottles, shorts, sunscreen and a ton of other things to pack. There was too much to do for me to even think about trying to make the day about me.
My doorbell started ringing at 8:10. The first three to check in had arrived. It rang again about fifteen minutes later with the next three. All nine people, five bags, one tent, two vehicles, and four Tim’s cups present and accounted for, it was time to head out.
We made to trip to the course in relatively good time, even though we almost drove by it. We arrived before most of the other racers which is exactly as we had hoped for. We set up our school’s tent (loaned by my mom for practically every race), water table (loaned by another family, along with a 10L filled water jug), and attendance sheets while the race officials set out the track markers and set up their equipment.
As our group grew, the seasoned racer moms fell into kid crowd control mode. We yelled out where they were allowed to play, what was expected while representing our school, and reminders of race rules and procedures. During the “mom huddle”, water table set up, and attendance taking, I called the kids to an open area for stretches. I picked 2 leaders and joined in myself. Am I ever glad I did that!
Tykes were up first so lil Mr and I headed to the “official” warm up zone to get ready. He didn’t actually participate in the warm up there, but I didn’t really expect him to. We lined up and we were off!
The Tykes race was 400m and lil Mr was pretty excited. We had gone about 100m when he decided he wasn’t really that excited after all. By 175m, he decided he didn’t want to do it anymore. I called out to one of my kids from school on the sidelines and lil Mr ended up coming across the finish line with a smile on his face. He finished about halfway through the pack, which is pretty good considering most of the kids are one to two years older than him.
T and our school’s biggest division (the Mosquito boys) were up next. I took up a position near the finish line and started yelling my head off. I cheered for every boy who went by me, from our school or not. They all did an awesome job and one of our own took second place again.
Lil miss (Mosquito girls) was the next race to start. Grammy began running with her about halfway through the first (of 2.5) laps when she began to tire. By the last lap, Grammy couldn’t go any longer. I took over and jogged the rest of the track with little miss and another girl (from a competitor school). By the time the girls had finished, the sun was out in full force and the sunscreen was passed around.
Peewee boys (and L) took over the track next. L was off his game today and slowed down early. I met him on the second corner and egged him on through the rest of the race. There were a few boys in this division who needed the extra encouragement so Grammy ended up running too. As this was my third (and longest) race, I joined the boys in the post race stretches.
Our Peewee girls were mostly seasoned runners, but we had one who was out today for her second race. This was her first track (not grass) race and she had trouble finding her rhythm. I joined her about halfway through her race.
Bantem boys is where we really focus our support system though. With only four runners, two of them need support. Unfortunately, most people don’t stick around this long into the day. Most groups leave after the Mosquitos with more following after the Peewees. This means I was scouting for new support among those remaining today. We rounded up four support runners just after the starting horn blasted. We (the supporters) made our own race to our posts. Our boys had support through 90% of the race, which was even more than we had hoped for. Both of them shaved over 2 MINUTES from their previous times!
With only one (seasoned) Bantem girl, I thought I would have the last race off. Once the girls had made the first lap though, I decided this was not the case. While our girl was in the leading group, there were (obviously) others who weren’t. The last three girls to pass the one lap mark were obviously struggling. I headed back to the track and met up with one of the girls. Her time picked up and she ended up having a REALLY strong finish. The race organizer water station had run out of water so I brought her back to our tent for something to drink. I realized after she headed back to her parent(s) that I never even found out her name.
So what did I get for Mother’s Day? A loud day outside with the kids, lots of exercise, and a sunburn….NOW STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!!! 😉

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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