Today was our monthly PTA meeting. The meeting was business as usual, other than the fact that it was over quicker than usual. Everything discussed was dealt with in a concise, cut the fat manner. We were no less productive in this meeting than in previous ones, we were just more efficient. That’s the bonus to the end of year meetings…we are all experienced enough with each other to get through the things that need to be done quickly.
At the end of the meeting, we did a round table and some chatting. During this period, one of the parents mentioned a CBC news story they had seen recently on TV. Has anyone heard of the Mosquito Teen Repellent before? To us, this was a very interesting product.
Our school is part of Green Schools Nova Scotia and we are very proud of this status. On Saturday, we restarted our school beautification project. This is something that has been tried at our school (a few times) over the last few years.
To “beautify” and “green” our school, we have built planter boxes, changed soil, made new flower beds and planned tree planting and landscaping changes. These are things that have been done in previous attempts, but were not sustainable. With previous attempts, vandalism has always stopped these projects from reaching completion. This is why the Mosquito piqued our interest.
We are always in close contact with our local law enforcement, they keep an eye on the school during “off hours”. Our school also has some really great neighbors who keep a look out for the school property. We are using local media to let people know what is being done at the school and why. We have opened up this project to all community members. We want this to be seen as an effort to make our neighborhood a better place.
We are hoping that these efforts will communicate a sense of community responsibility for the beautiful space we are trying to create. This responsibility can morph into pride once the process reaches a state of completion. The pride in such an awesome space will deter vandalism. That’s the hope anyways…
We are not rushing out to buy one of these systems right away. This was just information that was presented for interest’s sake. If our watching eyes and community pride do not deter vandals, we are happy to know that there are other alternatives though. We are also lucky enough to have a PTA that is willing and able to pay for these (each unit costs approximately $3,000) if we need to find alternative methods.
It’s really sad that we even have to consider options like this. This project is actually being done for EVERYONE, them included. We don’t want to deny them use of this beautiful atmosphere we are trying to create, we just want them to treat it like it truly is theirs too.
When I was growing up, I never saw the point in vandalism. I still don’t. I wish there was a way to show the people who do these things how harmful it actually is to everyone. Until the day we can do that though, we may need to use things like this to keep them from damaging community space.

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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2 Responses to Mosquitos?

  1. I like your overall optimism. I hope the spaces remains as you wish and people appreciate it.

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