Sorry I Missed You….

Well, if you haven’t guessed, I’ve had a pretty busy last few days. Honestly the biggest thing that has kept me away from the internet has been fatigue! With everything else going on I just haven’t had a chance to catch up with my sleep.
Wednesday night/Thursday morning at the IWK tired me out. Not only the loss of sleep from being there but the time spent in the hospital. For some reason, trips to the hospital are EXTREMELY tiring. L used to visit the IWK every 4-6 weeks, so it’s not that I am worried or anxious about him being there…I know the routine, I know he will receive the best care and I can usually tell at the triage desk how long our visit will be. Yet I am always exhausted by the time we get out.
Thursday I kept the boys home from school. We slept for a few hours then had to continue with our day. We went to the grocery store to pick up prescriptions. Lil miss was with us as my sister was at work. While wandering around the store waiting for the prescriptions to be filled, T and lil miss got really bored…I had to “speak” to them repeatedly. Who knew it would take more than 40 minutes to fill basic asthma meds?
Friday was spent at the school and baking muffins. After the Wednesday meetings and hospital trip I also had to try to “find” the house. It was an extremely beautiful day (the first of four) so not having the kids stay after school to play for an hour or so wasn’t an option. The straightening up done at home, the cleaning would have to wait. Sunshine and fresh air trumped cleaning.
Saturday was spent downtown. This was the Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon weekend in Nova Scotia and the weather couldn’t have been better. The Doctors Nova Scotia Youth Run portion of this race took place Saturday morning. We packed our race bag and headed to the school meeting area. Once the kids were lined up and ready to go, I headed over to a spot just before the finish line to see the kids coming in. There were so many kids coming in so fast that I didn’t even see my boys come in. I may have caught sight of about a dozen of the kids from our school. We went to Grammy’s for the rest of the afternoon than headed home.
Sunday we buckled down at home to try to find out where it went despite the gorgeous weather. Myself and the four kids spent two hours cleaning. Yeah, it was really THAT bad. After cleaning, we spent another two hours sorting toys. We got rid of approximately two thirds of them. I knew they had a lot of toys, but I didn’t realize they had that much CRAP in there. At least they don’t now!
Today we called a day of rest. Victoria Day meant the boys had no school and our cleaning yesterday meant minimal housework was necessary. This morning I read a book while T played in the sandbox and L played with Lego. We had a simple lunch and returned to these activities for the afternoon. I began preparing supper a little after 4pm. At 5, only about ten minutes before everything was ready, my event reminder went off on my phone. Confused, I went to check it. L had soccer practice tonight and I had forgotten. After we bolted down supper, we headed out the door. We got home about ten minutes after bedtime.
Tomorrow it’s groceries, a playdate and laundry, Wednesday it’s just work, Thursday is soccer again, Friday is a playdate, Saturday with family downtown, and Sunday is currently unbooked. Yup, the week around Victoria Day definitely brings an official start to the busy season…

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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