This Tuesday Brought to You by the Torturous Threes

I know I’ve said on wordpress before that I didn’t have to go through terrible twos with any of my kids. The extra clinginess and constant temper tantrums during that year were not any better or worse than the year before. They did, however, have a really bad third year. Lil Mr is 3yrs4mos.
The laundry did not get finished today. I did not make a trip to the grocery store. The dishes didn’t even get done until after the big kids got home from school. Today was a complete bust.
In all fairness, lil Mr does have a cold. The weather sucked today as well. The combination of these two things had his asthma acting up and him feeling downright miserable. He didn’t let that slow him down though.
Today I was informed that he is the boss whenever he wanted something and I said no. He thought he should be allowed to play on the school playground when we had to go in for my shift (despite the pouring rain). He thought he should be left home to play when it was time to pick up T and lil miss from school. He thought he should be allowed to eat chocolate and Bear Paws cookies for supper. He argued my “no” on each and every one of these points (and TONS more) vehemently, ALL DAY.
I may have mentioned before (but I’m honestly not sure) that lil Mr is in the process of potty training. Apparently he thought he should have today off. Despite putting him on the potty every 30-45 minutes (it was more often today due to multiple “accidents”), he actually used the potty a grand total of………….ONCE. I guess this pretty much explains the laundry not being finished.
He was pretty careful through the day about the toys in the bedroom. He made sure to put away what he had been playing with before getting something out. Once the older kids were home this changed though. With L playing with the Lego, T playing with the Magna-Doodle, and lil miss at the kitchen table coloring, lil Mr thought it was the perfect time to try to get the others in trouble. He dumped out three toy bins….and tried to tell me lil miss wouldn’t let him play. Hello? Lil miss wasn’t ANYWHERE near him….
After supper the three school-aged kids settled in to do their homework. Lil Mr did everything he could to distract them. He tried to talk to them while they were reading. He tried flinging a Slinky in their faces (until I took it away) when they wouldn’t look at him. He even tried to used L as a racetrack with a dinky car until (amid many load screams) I took that away too. As if all this wasn’t bad enough, his next action was a cardinal sin in my house. He tried to literally RIP (2 out of 3) books out of their hands. You. Do. NOT. Disrespect. BOOKS. In my house.
Once he got out of that time out, I told him to go play in the bedroom and leave the kids alone. This seemed to work pretty well, until lil miss finished her homework (about 5 minutes later) and went to join him. She ran to me, panicked. Lil Mr had somehow dug out L’s craft supplies and was coated in glitter glue. Lil miss helped me by retrieving the art kit and putting it where he could not get it without being noticed. The offending tube of glitter glue (black and gold) was almost empty and the cover was missing. It went in the garbage and a protesting, screaming lil Mr went back into time out.
About twenty minutes later, my sister came to pick up lil miss and lil Mr. We had to fight him out of the bedroom and “remind” him repeatedly to get his outdoor gear on. Once he was wearing his boots (but not his jacket), he thought it would be a good time to run up and down the hallway acting like a maniac. Lil miss walked him out to the car and they were off.
Breathing a sigh of relief (sorry sis) I started the kettle for a cup of tea. I had my boys start their bedtime routine while I prepared my tea. By the time L was ready for bed, my tea was made and I picked it up off the kitchen counter. L was waiting for me in the living room to say goodnight. From where he was standing, he had a great view of me tripping over a toy that lil Mr left in the kitchen (no toys in the kitchen has ALWAYS been a rule) and spilling half the cup all over myself. Ever get a hot water burn all around your belly button? Well, now I can say I have.
Now I must head to bed, thank whoever’s listening that my boys aren’t three anymore and be glad that tomorrow is a new day….

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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4 Responses to This Tuesday Brought to You by the Torturous Threes

  1. muddledmom says:

    Love it. He’s his boss and your boss too, right? Love your always sunny perspective.

  2. Hello I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award” award.

    • The J85 says:

      Thank you! I’ve already written my post today, but I’m pretty sure this will roll nicely into what I’m thinking of writing tomorrow…what a great way for me to end my day today!

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