The Unexpected

Yesterday I had planned to write a “Fabulous Friday” post. Well, obviously that didn’t happen. I really did have a great day. The boys got up and moving in a reasonable amount of time, we were all packed and out the door early, school was great (0 negative reports to make, 3 positive comments to pass along), and on and on in that fashion.
The reason why this post was never made was because by the time I had wanted to start writing, the “fabulous” had dimmed. L had one of his major angry periods and I was as upset as him once it was all over. I figured writing angry wasn’t a good idea and I KNEW it wouldn’t turn out looking like the “Fabulous Friday” that I had prior to that. That may have clouded the sunny perception people seem to have of me.
Today after lunch, while lil miss was at dance class, the three boys and I walked down to the store. Our walks are generally the time of our most interesting conversations. T and L were skipping up ahead, so lil Mr and I were having our own little talk. In our family, usually Saturday means race day. This week there was no race, so that is where his attention was focused.
His first question, of course, was “are we go run?” I explained to him that there is no race this weekend and we wouldn’t be going to a race without lil miss anyways. We have a run next Saturday morning though.
“Where?” If I told him the name of the place, it wouldn’t make any difference. I knew what he was looking for was what kind of race (track, gravel, grass, hills, etc). He seemed really excited by the fact that it will be a road race. He didn’t run the Bluenose because we felt it would be too much for him, but he had felt left out.
He started jibbering about his plans for the upcoming event. It kind of slowed him down when I told them that he would be running the same track as the older kids. This is three times longer than his usual race so I am glad that the thought of doing a “big kid” race gave him pause.
He made some decisions about the race in his head, and informed me of them. “I run easy”, meaning he would pace himself and take his time (yay!). “I no crying”, this one I don’t believe. He ALWAYS cries when he sees the finish line approaching. “I run wif you and wif Gram and Mommy run wif (lil miss). Mommy and (lil miss) run FAST. We see them after.” This makes sense, but unfortunately Gram probably won’t be able to make it. L and T don’t usually have co-runners, so they didn’t even factor into this part of the conversation.
The fact that he worked all this out own just attests to his problem solving skills. He has displayed this multiple times over the past couple of weeks. I wish all my kids could solve problems as quickly and effectively as he can. He works out solutions to almost every difficulty he encounters without pause. It’s awesome, especially for a three year old.
L is a math whiz, T is a determined, slow but steady kid, lil miss is an artist to the core and lil Mr is an ace problem solver. By the time we (my sister and I) hit four kids, I figured there was nothing that the next one could do to amaze me all over again. Lil Mr’s problem solving skills have done it. It is absolutely incredible that there are these four little people with awesome skills in just our family. I hope that they all continue to exercise their individual strengths and discover more.
Everyone always says to expect the unexpected with kids. I just never expected this to apply to the good things too. How has the unexpected pleasantly jumped into your life lately?

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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