Good Starts

Back in my first month of blogging, I talked a little bit about how I always try to start the boys’ day off with smiles, laughs or even giggles. The big reason I do this is because of something I learned at one of my jobs along the way to where I am now. This “thing I learned” is called The FISH Philosophy.
Most specifically, I focus on the “Choose Your Attitude” portion of this philosophy. The website above defines this as what I call choices, but I look at it a little differently than that. To me, choosing your attitude is exactly as it sounds.
Just about everyone I know tries to mentally prepare themselves for the day in those few minutes between opening their eyes and when the house erupts with the kids’ school preparation. Waking up in the morning, you have two different ways of looking at your day and it is your choice as to which perspective you take. The most common way of viewing the day is “today I have to______” Before learning about FISH, that is EXACTLY what I did. Now my early morning thoughts are “today I will _____, and I may even have time to _____!” Sounds the same right? WRONG! One of them is an “awww, man! Do I HAVE to?” statement and the other is more of a “let’s go! I can DO this!” statement. Guess which one usually results in a better day?
Not being old enough yet to see the difference between these two, I try to make this decision for the boys. Getting this positive vibe going in the first five to ten minutes of the day is crucial. I don’t always manage this and the difference in them is actually noticeable. You’ve heard the expression “woke up on the wrong side of the bed”? THIS is what it means. A crappy state of mind at the beginning of the day usually leads to a crappy day. Choosing to be positive has a positive effect on the day too.
Today the positive momentum started with a promise to go to the Halifax Commons. Sounds silly, but the anticipation of the trip was enough to start the day on the right foot. I don’t make promises that won’t/may not be fulfilled and the kids know it. A promise means it IS happening. To make this even better, we found out later that half the family would be going too!
Tonight the kids came home bubbly, tired and dirty, but TOTALLY happy. The day was hot, there were bugs, they had to wait for the next “adventure” more than once, but their positive enthusiasm didn’t waiver. Why? Because we CHOSE to have an awesome day first thing this morning.
By the way, the company that presented this program was a customer service call centre. I have seen lots of comments/posts about how the representatives of these companies are less that stellar and usually seem unconcerned with their customer’s issues. This company presented the philosophy and frequently reminded of us of it after training was over. I can’t help but wonder, would the customer service industry be more able to help if more of these customer service locations became a little more FISH-y?

Sure, the choice to have a positive day isn’t 100%. Choosing to have a good day doesn’t mean the day will go well, but it may affect how you look at the day’s speedbumps. Given the opportunity, what kind of day would you choose to have?

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


For a great look into the FISH philosophy, check out this demo video.

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2 Responses to Good Starts

  1. The FISH video and philosophy is awesome! I think that is so great how you start their day off right.

    People do not understand that when you tell yourself you will have a shitty day, you will.

    If you tell yourself you will have a great day, your odds are you will. At minimum you will see things in a more positive light.

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