I honestly had an actual question to ask T before a bout of silliness took me over. My question was a simple “guess what?” Now I can’t even remember what I had to tell him. When he responded with “what?” I caught the silly bug and it wouldn’t let me go.
Children tend to find silly things, well, SILLY. They will break down in hysterics over things that most adults MIGHT roll their eyes or groan over, if they have any reaction at all. If I was around only adults and no children tonight, I would not have found our following conversation funny at all. As it was, I could not stop laughing for quite a while.
T’s question of “what?” + my bout of silliness = the eternal silly kid answer of “chicken butt!” (I did NOT, at any point, promise maturity.)
From here, one thing led to another, and soon we were working on an entire collection of chicken questions. The boys and I laughed at each and every one. If we had been observed, I’m sure others would have just laughed at us laughing. The top pick for each question type were (drum roll please!):

Q: “Guess who?”
A: “Chicken poo!”

Q: “Guess what?”
A: “Chicken butt!”

Q: “Guess where?”
A: “Chicken stare!” *This one was accompanied by a (kind of creepy) stare out of one eye while the other eye was narrowed

Q: “Guess why?”
A: “Chicken spy!” *Mimic holding binoculars

Q: “Guess when?”
A: “Chicken spin” *A spin while flapping arms like you would while doing a (perhaps drunk) chicken dance

Q: “Guess how?”
A: “Chicken cow!”

Is this what you pictured? I kind of did…

The “how” was the funniest of all. Following this, attempts were made at making a sound like you might hear from a chicken cow. The favorite started with a cow lowing and ended with a “stepped on the chicken”-like squawk. This one was found to be so hilarious that L fell off his chair and ended up rolling around on the floor. I do believe he was unable to breathe for about a minute and a half as well.
I know our silly chicken talk probably had little effect on you, but I enjoyed acting like and laughing like a child so much that I just had to share the experience with all of you. Who knows, maybe you will be inspired to create your own chicken questions and roll around laughing too! 😉

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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5 Responses to Chicken?

  1. Those were great, I’ve only heard of Chicken Butt that’s what…the rest were awesome…LOL

  2. shshs says:

    salutations from across the sea. Great post I shall return for more.

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