I Guess I’m “It”

I can SEE!! As of today after school, I can see my stats, your posts, my posts, comments, and likes. I’m even receiving emails from WordPress again!
I see that my day 1 to day 4 “what the heck is going on?” updates didn’t post despite my efforts. I came up with about 100 things a day to post about while I couldn’t post (isn’t that always the way?) from race details to comfy clothes to schoolyard injuries. I’m sure I’ll get to those at some point, but since they’re not TODAY’S thoughts, I’m going to write about being “it”.
Before today, I had no idea that there is a game of “tag” going on here. I haven’t seen anyone running around tagging people, so I guess I just ended up getting in at the beginning of the game. While I was away, Mama Bird at Finding Our Way “tagged” me. And here I thought blog tagging was just referencing someone else’s work in your own post….
I guess what I’m supposed to do is answer the 11 questions she came up with then come up with my own, followed by tagging other bloggers. This seems like a lot of work, so it’ll probably be late tonight by the time this gets posted.

Her questions:

1. “Why did you start your blog? Did you have a specific purpose to it or was it a whim decision that ended up where it is?”
I started blogging because I ALWAYS have 1000 thoughts running through my head and it helps straighten them out if I write them down. I’ve tried a journal, I couldn’t stick to it. I need the encouragement of knowing there’s people out there reading to keep me going.

2. “You’re not living the life you have now, a different one, with none of what you have now. What type of life is it?”
If I don’t have anything that I have now, I am single, thousands of dollars in debt (mostly because I am STILL attending university), between classes, office hours, and hospital shifts, I have NO idea what “home” looks like anymore. Yeah, I’m still crazy busy…

3. “I can quote the movie ________ word for word.”
Shrek! I think all grade three parents can. This was the first movie I watched that actually intentionally had humor for both parents and kids in it. I love horror movies, but if stuck watching kid’s movies, it’s gotta be something I can get a laugh out of too.

4. “One thing you never thought you’d do in life, but have.”
Being the one to take care of the house and kids. I always pictured growing up, getting married, having 2-4 kids, working full-time, and having a husband who would be a stay-at-home dad.

5. “3 facts about you that people don’t know.”
a) My favorite movie (despite hating “chick flicks” and LOVING bloody, gory horror movies) is ‘Ghost’ starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.
b) We are nearing the end of the school year and I STILL don’t know the names of half the kids I see every day c) I am going to have 2 new neices/nephews by Christmas!

6. “Tom Selleck, mustache or no mustache? Why?”
I’d have to say mustache. Before seeing this question and Googling it, I couldn’t picture him without one.

7. “What is one of your favorite childhood memories?”
I was laying on Mom’s bed during a Tupperware party. Mom came up and asked me if I was asleep. I whispered “yes”.
You can also see some more in my Cute Stories collection.

8. “What is one of your most embarrassing childhood memories?”
A discussion about “sanitary napkins” in the ladies room at a restaurant…I had no idea what made them different from the napkins on the table.

9. “I ______ and blamed it on _______. ”
I just want to say “farted” and “the dog” because it fits so well. I honestly can’t think of anything real at this moment though. Mom was always pretty strict about taking responsibility for our own actions.

10. “I would do anything (legal/illegal) to meet ______. ”
The REAL Winchester brothers from Supernatural. Oh, you meant someone “real”….no one in particular than.

11. “You’re stranded in the middle of Australia, what are the 3 items you bring with you and why?” Australia? Really? How’d I get there?
I need my bank card…I have to buy as many Kate Forsyth books as I can while I’m there. I wonder if I can get discounts for buying so many at once… My phone. I can’t function without my phone.
My kids. It would be too peaceful and relaxing of a trip to be there without them, no matter what is going on around me.

My questions:

1. Where do you live and why?
2. If you could get everyone you know to read just ONE book, what would you want that book to be? Why? 3. What is your worst bad habit?
4. If you could have any job you wanted (provided with training and/or skills necessary), what would it be?
5. What is something you regret passing up when you had the chance? If nothing, what is something you wish you HAD passed up?
6. What, in your opinion, is your greatest accomplishment to date? (YOUR OPINION, doesn’t have to be anything others may not consider as difficult to do as you found/find it to be.)
7. Do you typically write your posts all in one sitting, in bits and pieces over the course of the day, in your head before typing, or as ongoing works over a period of time?
8. If you were handed a piece of paper and drawing utensils right now (and talent, if necessary…as it is with me) and told to draw whatever you wanted, what would you draw? Any specific reason? 9. What is your favorite day of the week? Why?
10. What is something you do for yourself occasionally that you wish you would/could do more often?
11. If you HAD to get rid of something you use that is in the room with you right now, what would it be? How would you cope without it?

So, I’ve been “it” for about two days and eight hours now. I guess it’s time to do some “tagging”.

HEY: Tuck’s Mama, Mr Mom-Man, Tammy, Muddled Mom, and Jason, TAG! You’re it!

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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10 Responses to I Guess I’m “It”

  1. Dang, I knew wearing this ball and chain would make me a target! LOL

    Great answers!!!! Maybe I’ll do this tomorrow….I have to think of some folks to torture first… LOL

  2. How cool is this?! I will be sure to get on this tomorrow! Thank you for tagging me!

  3. How cool is this?! I will be sure to do this tomorrow! Thank you for tagging me!

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  5. Mama Bird says:

    Loved reading your answers! I had never heard of it before till I was also tagged. But it was a neat way to make a post without having to put effort into being interesting, haha. I also am a blood and guts type girl and not a chick flick person, but LOVE Ghost! I say “ditto” to my husband all the time 🙂

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