What is it Wednesday

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed or not, but I usually have a really hard time coming up with post ideas on Wednesdays. Any other day, I usually have 1000 things to say. For some reason, Wednesday is always the day my brain shuts down. Because of this, I have decided to use random pictures, either ones I have taken myself or ones I have found online, and post them on the Wednesdays I can’t come up with a regular post.
If you know what it is, let everyone know in the comments section. I will tell you if you’re correct and in my Thursday post, I will be sure to congratulate you and link back to your blog. Hopefully this will help me overcome my Wednesday writers block!
I hope this isn’t too easy…

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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13 Responses to What is it Wednesday

  1. TraceyLynnTobin says:

    That’s totally an up-close hair brush. 🙂

    • The J85 says:

      Well, that took a whole half hour! First guess too. I will definitely have to find harder ones going forward!
      Note: Your comment information doesn’t have a website associated with it. Where would you like me to direct readers?

  2. Even though I’m late coming into this game I knew it was a hairbrush, too. Love the idea of taking unusual pictures and then having us guess what they are!

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  5. curvyelvie says:


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