Tired Kids: A Not So Good Thing

When I am tired, I slow down and, if I sit, it is hard to get up and moving again. I tend to get a little cranky, a lot clumsy, and close to cracking my jaws repeatedly by yawning. My eyes get heavy, my breathing slows down. My body prepares itself for sleep. To me, this seems pretty normal.
Before my kids came along, I thought fatigue hit everyone in a similar way. When babies (and big babies) fuss and complain, one of the biggest things on the list of possible diagnosis is “they must be tired.” Someone is sluggish and can’t perform normal tasks without repeatedly dropping things, they must be tired. It all made perfect sense that this would be the case. Now that I live in the world of children, I know how wrong I was.
When my boys get tired, there are definitely ways to recognize it. The tops of their ears turn bright red. T’s cheeks become flushed, L’s pale. They get clumsy and don’t pay a lot of attention to where they are going when walking. They get cranky, they get into arguments over things even THEY usually wouldn’t bother to fight over. They also get REALLY hyper.
When they get tired, the volume level triples. Everything is (at least) 3x funnier. Things need to be said twice as loud. Arguments also rise to a screeching level. With more arguments, this further increases the volume. They also seem to think that being tired means they get a free pass to test the limits of Mom’s “hands off” policy. It doesn’t. They will still get in trouble for wrestling, they’ll just argue the consequences more.
This has been a two week stretch of late to beds and early rises. We haven’t had MORE, per se, going on lately, but the times have been totally out of whack. A late night at soccer (or any other activity) has invariably been followed by something going on at school that requires going in early. Poor weather hasn’t made us feel any more “awake” either. I even saw bags under L’s eyes yesterday!
Due to this high level of exhaustion, the boys have been constantly louder and rowdier. The tired behavior has seeped into school as well. Thankfully, it hasn’t caused any problems (yet) in the classroom. It did mean that L shot me a hateful look on the school grounds before we headed home after school though.
We are all counting down the days until summer break (14.5 school days). It’s not so much the “no school” that we can’t wait for, it’s the increased possibility of being able to sleep in. 5am wake ups on Saturday don’t seem as bad if you don’t HAVE to get up by 6:30am the five days before.

Before my eyes get so heavy that I can’t see to type, I have to congratulate Tracey at No Page Left Blank for letting us know what my first What is it Wednesday picture was only THREE MINUTES after it was posted! I promise I will try to make it harder in the future!

Now that I’ve made you all tired with my post, I’m going to bed. Night everyone!

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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