Blasts From the Past

Back when I was a pre-teen (or in today’s lingo a “tween”) there were some movies and songs (outside of my preferred genre) that I enjoyed at the time, but haven’t really thought about in years. Lately, with L entering this age range, these things have begun cropping up again. This past week I have been repeatedly hit with blasts from the past.
I know it’s been a couple of days since I last posted, and I apologize. I’ve actually been writing this for three days. With my sister away for a few days, care of the four kids alternates between myself and Mom right now. Needless to say, 24 hr childcare with twice the number of children is (a little) time consuming.
Back to my recent flash from the past….Sundays suck for TV. There are never any good shows on. Some Sundays I have not even bothered to turn on the television. It usually is just not worth it.
With four kids running around, I HAD to turn on the TV this past Sunday. This was not optional. I did not do this to plunk the kids in front of it, I actually refused to turn on cartoons (the cool cartoons are all on on Saturdays anyways). I did this to drown out some of the constant roar of noises and silly games in the background.
The TV was on Space (probably because the channel hadn’t been changed since suppertime Star Trek on Friday night) and I didn’t bother to change it. One channel is as good as another on Sundays. With the television on, the kids “have to” check what is on (and ask to turn cartoons on) every 20 minutes or so. Seeing no show they recognized (and an absence of computer animated characters), three out of four of them took off to play again pretty quickly.
Space was actually doing a full day of movies. L’s attention was caught pretty early on with the first sighting of Harry. He stood in the living room doorway for about ten minutes before edging over to the couch without taking his eyes off the program. I’m pretty sure this is how I was sucked in around his age too.
As L sat there watching Harry become a member of the Henderson family, I felt like I was watching a (much) younger version of myself. If I had wanted to, I could match his laugh times and comments throughout the movie. I had the exact same ones at his age, watching Harry and the Hendersons for the first time.
Following Harry was E.T. Once again, his reactions to this movie were the same as mine. Trying to watch the movie because we know it’s a “classic” and finding the only really interesting part to be the flying bicycles.
After E.T. was the Back to the Future trilogy. This is the part of the day we were actually looking forward to. L was wondering how someone could go “back” to the future (though he knew it was about time travel), I only remembering bits and pieces of the original movie, but knowing I liked it. By the time the first movie was over, we were wrapped up in the world of Doc’s DeLorean. I had never watched the other two movies of the trilogy, but by this time, being in the “tween” mindset, I still matched L word for word. It was great!
Last week, two other things happened to blast me back as well. On Friday, we had running practice. This is an every Friday morning thing, so we’re pretty into the routine. While the older kids blasted out the gym door for laps around the school, the coach set up the stereo and lil Mr and I started our gym laps. Being focused on getting lil Mr going, I didn’t clue in to what I was hearing until about halfway through the second song. OMG! Spice Girls! I haven’t even THOUGHT of them since Jr High. I actually felt a little relieved (like maybe I hadn’t TOTALLY lost it and was imagining hearing this totally passé band) when one of the grade two teachers came dancing into the gym yelling “Isn’t that the Spice Girls? Wasn’t that Jr High?”
Last week also marked the arrival and first viewing (for the boys) of Police Academy. After hearing about Hightower and “the guy who makes cool, realistic noises”, I was begged to order this. I ordered it from eBay, and two days later the boys were laughing so hard I’m sure they missed most of the dialogue.
Never mind the music on the radio, the movies in theatres, or any of these “all new” forms of entertainment out there, my boys are happy with 80s entertainment! Hopefully this means I won’t have to put up with “that racket young people listen to today” when my boys hit the “real” teen years, but I’m not going to lay any bets on that. I’m just going to try to hold them to the 80s entertainment for as long as I can….

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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