I don’t know if any of you have seen this video, it has gone viral:

Caution: this video is not recommended for all viewers. I DO NOT recommend showing this to young children or those who may decide to copy the actions seen here. PLEASE do not attempt this yourself!

I actually saw it the day this happened. I have to say, sitting there watching it, I was upset and even angry. What I have learned since hasn’t made this any better.
While watching this for the first time, I alternated between gasping, glaring and groaning. I was not only viewing this from my “mom” standpoint, but trying to see how others would view this as well. These alternate viewpoints pissed off my inner mom even more. Others would probably view this (stupidity) as “cool”. Mom does not.
The guy in this video will probably be regarded as a hero. It’s not everyday that somebody manages to accomplish what he did without major injury. I’m glad that he is okay, but I do not view him as a hero. I see him as a fortunate party in a case of dumb luck. He was lucky that he did something dumb that did not end up killing him as it very well could have.
I have family and friends from Cape Breton and watching the video for the first time, I couldn’t help but notice the (clearly) Cape Breton accent of the videographer. I didn’t think much of it at the time. I didn’t realize it at the time, (actually, I didn’t realize it until I was told the other day) but I KNOW two out of three of the guys involved in the creation of this video, including the videographer.
On a positive note, this video is not the result of a plan to create a viral video. On a not so positive note, he (and his friends) was doing something stupid that led to the chain of events of which the video was a result. I’m not sure if this makes the whole scenario better or worse. Whether being under the train was intentional or not, the whole thing just seems so STUPID to me.
B (the guy under the train) ended up in that position while these three guys were on their way to their favorite fishing hole. He was under the train for a total of approximately fifteen minutes. He ended up under there as a result of attempting to jump the tracks between cars. Apparently this is a common practice for these guys.
This video made the news in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m not sure how it ended up on the news there, but I do know it was considered for our local news. The producers at CTV News decided that this story may encourage others to attempt such a stunt. In my opinion, CTV made the right call.
I can’t believe that these guys did this. I now TOTALLY understand those times when my mom told me “I’m not mad at you, I am just disappointed in your actions.” Before I had kids, I probably would have thought this was pretty cool myself. Now I see it as just plain stupid.
I don’t understand how anyone could take such a serious risk and not think of the consequences. These are supposed to be mature, grown men. They have children and are supposed to be setting a positive example for them. Seriously b’ys: GROW UP!
I’m glad I am seeing this from the mom point of view. I would not go back to the stupid cool mentality for anything in the world now. It’s not worth my life or the lives of others.

No matter how dark the day, the sun is always shining somewhere!


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One Response to Stupid

  1. I agree. He Definatly had someone watching over him that day. It shouldn’t be shown since many kids will not be able to associate this with an accident vs something fun to try

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